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"Stfu you anoyying little piece of.." elbow punch to tha face!
I wish that I could shake that Clonetrooper's hand:-)

Jar Jar's my favorite character!!!!!!!!!! Well, besides 3PO.
That's Misa right ?
+Eduardo Rios Thanks. I have been trying to keep my favorite character like-ness hidden, but this seals it!
Poor Jar Jar!
DJ Sipe
Ah, that's Jar Jar... At first I thought he was giving Jesus the ol' one-two.
Jr Pais
La verdad es que esos bichos eran bastante cargantes.....tenía ganas de hacerlo yo!
Mesa thinkin usa no feelin too good wit da elbow to da face now betcha betcha.
Where I can find more similar picture?
Or author?
Ouch that hurt. Yousa hurt mesa! Mesa hate yu!
Since when does Jar Jar have muscles in his arm?
Imma wishin' dat dissin' would have happen to Jar-Jar, really-really much!
c'est un dessin ou un jeux vidéo?????????
Hey that looks like me and Ben diaz.
Someone should have punched JarJar long time ago
Meesa gettin what's comin to meesa.
If this is all that is in the new star wars movie i will see it 10 times 
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