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There is nothing like a good math joke, that only a few understand.
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Are you a limit baby because all I want to do is get closer to you
M. Yagci
"Do you love your math more than me?"
"Of course not, dear - I love you much more."
"Then prove it!"
"OK... Let R be the set of all lovable objects..."
Sorry Shawn if it was cosine it will be 0 or 2pi. 
The joke is right. 
It must be 1 , because u r pi/2.
+Hurol Aslan thanks you for pointing out this relevant detail. No-one else here knows enough math to understand that the joke doesn't quite work.
Maybe if they knew some latin they could make a joke involving the word "sinus" as well...
r u a CAMERA.
no, why?
because everytime  I see u
you make smile...
Oh wow... I tried not to laugh, but that is funny.
sin(pi/2) = 1. Not the other way around.
+Ravikiran B A it is not a fail, it is just not very well presented, easier to see here : :
"What is your SINE it must be pi/2 because you are the 1".
The gag is the use of Sine not Sign, but because it is on a different line it is not easy to see (well for me at least) ;)
Brilliant :) Had to look at UrbanDictionary for the slang meaning of "sine", though :)
oh god thats why i always failed in maths...any way....i am lucky abt girls though....
+Nigel Underhill The fail is in the fact that that pickup line would imply that her sign (Sine of 1) is a pi/2. Which is mathematically wrong. :)
There's nothing like a crap pseudo-math joke from someone who can't quite sort out even the basic trigonometry.
Where can I use this joke ?! In the math lesson ?! O_O but why ?! :\
Sine???? Not very geeky to get a spelling mistake
is it means...i attach to you.....because pi/2 at x attach 1 at y...???....
Can someone tell me what im missing then I thought about it and im sure its sin so in that case its a terrible pun
Pi is a ratio between diameter and circumference, this Pi/2 = 180 Deg not 90 as first comment suggested and sin of 180 = 0.
She's hiding her face because his math is wrong >.<
should've used this pick up line with my math teacher
No, the math is correct. You can use a calc, your OS probably has one.
she become a shy when he talks him
@farid now if that 180=pi then it says pi/2 is't not 90° such that when u sine the same 90° u 'll get a 1.
Dude it is a pun, that would not work... Geez people.
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Seriously? To the people dissecting every last element of the joke please follow this easy two step process:
1. Develop sense of humour
2. Read the joke again
Repeat the above until you lighten up and crack a smile.
Feeling dumb right now... +_+ 
screwd up of d leute people....!!!! dis joke is meant fr people knwing trigo....
lol!you d'nt know student means study ...
perhaps an "odd function of pi/2", 1x, 3x, 5x, 7x, ..., -1x, -3x, ...
wait I thought you said good maths joke
Not bad.. atleast I got a laugh out of it :-)
PROGRAMMING JOKE: "My love for you has no bugs, just random features!"
Or our love could be the tangent of 90.......
hi can you friendship with me
dab ten
9x-7i<3(3x-7u) = i<3u
was one of my favorites
If only you could see her facial expression
huh.. where did ya come up with that einstien... its actual blu bird... true blue is all that u need... to turn an irradescent light bulb on see... geez... quit trippin...
l adore u then math
dab ten
Ronell Haney it has worked for me i sat next to a girl and asked her to help me reduce 9x-7i<3(3x-7u) i got a date out of it in the  late 1980's
Geek humor injects a tangeble, yet, confusing truth, to a rap mac. Mac on! A good one
you know that's advanced mathematics class because....? ;P
Hmm, dating calculation, much easier than the algebra n calculus cus every one love it
Ryan Ng
I wish I'd studied this more in depth in high school... anyway, it's sin (pi/2)= sin 90º = 1
I = { } when you’re not around.
You’re a palindromic set of perfect squares: 36‑25‑36.
Jedi in the streets, Sith in the sheets.

Ate you good at trigonometry? Cause i sure could use some help integrating my natural log 
Only I had paid attention in astrophysics and quantum mechanics class darn!
pi/2= 180 degrees where Sin180=0 not 1.
who is wrong here?
thats what your parents said when yo momma failed abortion :D
see the pic and then see the heading =D
Whatever you do, do not cosine for a loan.
I like how asians are in this picture.
Wow....I did'' is
The sine of pi/2 radians (ie 90 degrees) is 1
thanks yofan for making me remind a highschool math.
hehehe that  is hot keep it up. next tyme use cosine
Lady Gaga is she fat I heard that on the radio wow!
sine, cosec, tan, cot etc etc.... i dnt knw anythng about thse...yet i sumhw could get sum gals tn hangaround. lol. hahaha
Pi (radians) = 180 (degrees)
=> Pi/2 (rad) = 90 (deg)
=> sin(Pi/2) = sin(90) = 1
Wouldn't it be "You are the 1.570796" ?
+dab ten Excellent recommendation.  Speaking from experience - I like that.
The tangent of 90 is infinite btw..... And you don't have to understand pick up lines for them to work.. If you want to test her,say pie instead of half pi... Cause I believe the sine of pi is 0... So let's see if she's smart or just wants to look like it. 8 D(if what I said is true)
Ryan Ng
You are the sin (pi/2)=1 . Yes, I passed trigonometry in elementary school. No, I did not study this in depth in high school.
This is a reference to sex. Pi/2 or 90 degrees meaning the girl is sitting on top while "the 1" is the guy's erected boner. And yes, 90 degrees is related to 1 and "you are the 1" is clearly a sympathy, but when mixed with each other in a semi-nonsense way (all these posts about arcsin LOL) they definitely mean you don't actually need a deep understanding of math to get the joke. Enjoy.
i don't get it and i feel like a complete moron. will someone explain plzzzzz!
Best Answer by mramahmedmram - Chosen by Voters
in the unit circle ( r=1) if a point on the circle in the first quadrant (x,y)
then the sine of the angle at the center = oppsite /hypotenuse = y/1 =y
when the cordinates are (0 ,1 )
 then the angle is pi/2
then sin pi/2 = 1/1 = 1 q.e.d
Ke Zeng
That made my Pi day TODAY!
Here in liberal america he have sexual harassment suit
sending this to my gf, she's gonna love it
Definately gonna try that on a gal in my math class......!!!!! Hope she’ll get it... ;)) thnx fo sharing
I don't get it but think the guy on the right is hot.
In 20 years she will realize that she had a keeper.
it's asin not sin, asin1 == pi/2

those must be American Asians coz real Asians would've killed themselves for making such a stupid mistake
So next time it's gonna be what's your COS...and that will be pi/2....
Because we are breaking up.
Jay Tee
I hardly consider half a pie is equal to a whole lovely girl. >.<
Such a stickler LIU.  Poor guy.  Maybe next time he can use, 'If you let me sign your pie, I promise there will be zero pictures'
Sh.....geek who to=whats...good I agree but the best geek joke is always out of class .one child had ask hum me ?dose geek joke hung out and is o.k. being a geek.I replied sure grand daughter .
I asked the receptionist, she said "cute". 
Obviously a lot of people understand this one with +642 and counting.
Obviously a lot of people understand this one with +1717 and counting.
What we didn't see in the next "scene", was her pouring her drink all over him, and saying "get away from me you creep"!!!!
In what universe sine of (the 1) is Pi/2 ?
Pi/2=180/2=90... and sine 90=1   and I dont think people in the internet are that dumb to not get this (but I have been proven wrong before :P)
hhahahahahha at least is new, Very Good.
nice yar...................i wil tyr it wid my girl friend
i wil try it wid my girl friend..................
I am going to have to use this.
Poor girl. Wheres the pop quiz when you need it
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