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What do you think about such choice?
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*looks at programmers in other room* yeah i'd say that's pretty accurate.
+Ekaterina Shakina Maybe we're reading the joke differently.  I'm a programmer, and happily married.  Being a programmer means that my wife doesn't see me during project crunch time.  So there is a difference in relationships with programmers which transcends the normal relationship definitions.
glad someone explained it, was just suppose to be funny. :/
See, I was confused. I'm a programmer. And I am surrounded by programmers almost everyday. All of us in different types of relationships... so I... actually didn't get the joke.
me too lol, and married. But our two newest editions are both the prime programmer examples for this. lol
Programmer. :D But I wouldn't choose anything... I don't even have time to create / update / check Facebook anyway.
Maybe something more general, like "married to work"
How did you get that?
If you don't fit on any of the original choices, then you must be dead or you are a bot!
i the the Programmer answer, wish i can use it more
You should add, "Divorced while playing World of Warcraft"
Twas just humour, any progrockers that took it seriously should be shot with a 12 gauge binary.
+Laura Straniak I know, that is why I said it. It was sort of a cruel joke, sad but funny at the same time. Sorry to all you WOWers, but get out and kiss your spouse instead of raiding. Real life is far more fun than virtual pats on the back.
I would select a yet another one: "Fugitive". :-)
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Yam Sam
Programmer ...
Best left unsaid.
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