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My new Happy Friday's Resolution, what is yours?


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I did that resolution a few years ago. I'm ready to move up.
And i'm still using netbook with 1024x600 screen :(
+James Liranzo Right.  I have lotsa 1920x1200, even as it was getting harder to find.  

I'll collect some 2560x1600 monitors next.

I have two screens on everything.  14 screens visible from where I'm sitting.

Can never have too many pixels.
Lynn S
2560*1600 =)
Just got my 2560x1440 in the mail this week. Resolution achieved! (And my mother thinks I procrastinate!)
Nice! That's gotta be a really good phone! Happy New Year!
My New Year's resolution is 720x1080.
maia v
Hahahahaha that is pretty funny
1920x1080 at home, 1280x2048 at work.
Or 1280 X 1024? You don't find many of my monitors around
get a DisplayPort wire and bump it up to a native 2560 x 1440
1920 by 1080 ,same as last year.
lim lbh
All your pock marks and pimples are definitely clearly exhibited!!!!!!
1900x1200 on my Acer A700 Tablet ...
my new years resolution is 2560 * 1600
5760x1080 and the cards to push it.
This should be on a shirt from Thinkgeek
A resolution that will stick.
That's low. I have had that resolution on my 17 inch laptop for 4 years
I remember long ago when New Year's Resolution was 640 x 350 :-)
It was called EGA -- from the IBMC PC-AT days.
That's last years resolution - this years is 2560x1600
My fulfilled New Years Resolution as a 2nd monitor of 1080 X 1920.  It's really hard to find one - but easy to find a 1920 X 1080!
My New Year's resolution: 60.00 x 33.55
Ryan Ng
2880 X 1800 (and now I have to find a way to do that)
Ryan Ng
+Mike Davies But you can always buy a new monitor. Then in 2023 you can have an outdated Windows 8 computer and it'll still look new.
That's fine. Hope next year you will get better than. ..
Whats does that mean bc all I got was a big number.
Awww great after reading some of these comments, my new years resolution of 1920x1080 seems a bit too small....
Mine is "just" 1920x1080.  I'm happy with it. 
Hahahah well mine is just 1600x900 on my laptop. Same as last year's XD
82 inch 1080i       and  and chronic sleep loss....since i got it lol....
Nick W
19200 x 10800 for me. Thought I would go up a level from full HD
1920x1080 and 1280x800 on my computer, 800x1280 on my phone.
mine is still 1200x760
Haha, mine is 1280 x 1024. That low? Yes, means I can still run brand new games at high settings with my old AMD Radeon HD 5850.
Kay Eom
Mine is 1920x1200x2. How about that? Hahaha...
1920x1080 here.
<3 Widescreen!
I surredder to Jesus!
i want 15360 x 8640 (uhd) but has 1920 × 1080
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