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its too funny. This cat was looking for what?
Schrödinger seems like a fitting name for the owner of that cat lol
I think his cat is going to give the same answer every time wear gloves when opening the door.
I am glad you all like it!
LOL!!! Thanks for the chuckle!!! (From one cat parent to another!!) :)
Schrödinger was a "dog" lol
lol funny cat ( british accent) :) 
Al M.
Yup, first spit take of 2013! Well played. 
NOES, that cat is both alive and dead until we see this post >_<
LOL, okay...that's funny!
new big brother series took to new levels?
ohhhhhhhhhhh !!! she is so creepy if i saw her at night i might scream 
Doesn't putting a camera in the box invalidate the experiment?
dude there r kids on here retared ever think that
speaking of kids Noah ur pic is a BABY FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!
But with the cat being observed, the experiment is altered. :-)
Poor little gato hes scared out of his little f**kin mind lolz XD
Schrodinger is on the ASPCA'S shit list.
Alex H
It was supposed to be a thought experiment..... As in do not try this at home
Maybe I should let him out.
He looks like he is contemplating his escape.
Why do people leave a cat in a box....(its not right)
I'd say with certainty the 100% of the cat is in this box and it is not happy. 
I understand that its bad to keep cats in boxes but I don't get the joke
that cat does not seam happy I think the cat is having a bad day maybe he does not like small space
I dont get about that picture....its stupid,crazy....people say its fucking hilarious 
Good, as you travel in airplane. 
dont worry cat... you will live on in a parallel universe
Hope this guy has more 9 lives for the coming year.... Happy new year...;)
It is a very complicated part of modern physics.If you understand it it means that you know uncertainly principle very well.
You can see into the box. How is this the Schrodinger's Cat Experiment? 
Butchering Science is not Geek humor. Way to misrepresent. 
neither dead nor alive....
That is cool that pic. An happy new year to you and your love one.
+Amirashkan Askari understanding the experiment is not the same as understanding the uncertainty principle. If it was then everybody here would know that seeing into the box ruins the whole thing. 
But you've put holes in the box! Now the poison gas will escape D:
In fact, pretty much everything about this photo invalidates the experiment. Were it real. Which it isn't intended to be.
How do you know if he is dead or alive ? Well swearing at through the hole in the box is a sure givaway,... Lol
Is alive because we're still looking at him
. nnkmnbnbbhbbn....?.., ////
If I put my cat in a box, I am sure it would break out and kick the crap out of me...... And put me in a box six foot under...... 
babulal choudhary
babulal choudhary
That's great, even if it doesn't depict the actual experiment. And for those that don't get it, try Google search.
i dont get the top bit what does it mean
+melissa flynn it's an old saying that by putting a cat in a box, it can then be thought of as dead or alive. Until you actually look, you cannot really be sure. Have a look on google search as suggested by +Dennis Harrison it will explain it better. 
He oído a muchos,  "geeks"  utilizar la misma expresión, cuando les toca :  derivar  -  interpretar  - la ecuación.   Si se toman en consideración efectos relativista, la expreción sale en mayúsculas.  !!!!! YOU BASTARD  ¡¡¡¡¡ ......      (liked the image )
You can't be certain the camera is showing a live feed until you open the box to verify.
Now Schrodinger knows how the rest of us feel about the 535 on Capitol Hill.
that box is not shroedinger approved. 
google schroedinger's cat and's a thought experiment about uncertainty.  How both states are equally valid until you measure (open the box)
shrodingers cat
reminds me of the big bang theory!!!1
pet traveling. so thats what it looks like.
Jajaja its t0m!, in the b0x... [jerry]
Ghost appeared to the cat. 9 lives vs invisible lives.
He got left in the box to be a true cat, alive and dead, a paradox.
oh... mamma..... get me a cup ot tea.....
would you please introduce youself to me??????
wat u can't take a joke that is so funny
i understand, its just a pet travelling......:~)
hahaha......tom! tryng to scratsz (jerry)
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Many people can't smell sparkling cyanide so you should not drill too many holes. Poor cat.
how many air holes does a cat need man???????
I bet half of the people laughing at this post don't actually know what Schrödinger's cat is.
Poor baby is scared he is trapped in a box......get him the fuck out of there!!!!!!! I hate those boxes and the traveling cages!!!!!!! Get him out of there!!!!!!!! Hope HD is safe and OK.
where are her teeth?hahahaha i'm joking it is a wonderful cat just for ''kot'' whats her name
it looks like someone gave it the power to be ugly
Quantum rules do not apply ! ! ! As holes in box ! So we know the bloody cat is alive ! ! ! Lol
Yes the cat thats both alive ! And dead ! At the same time ! But not so if you peer through the holes , thus the quantum theory explanation is lost ! :-)
It would seem that most people dont know who schrodinger is. You cant see
the cobalt, detector, or cyanide either.

Sent by Pete Vines
Sounds like a load of string to me.

Sent by Pete Vines
I don't know WHO Schrödinger is????????
Try but yourself inside the box 4 hour and see how you feel
Hope the cat gets out and claws the persons face off.not funny.thought after that evil woman from coventry put a cat in a wheelie bin we would've learned that cat cruelty is sick

Not only does miss garreau not know about schrödingers cat but she doesn't like cats either.just as well cos cats only like people with brains and a personality
lol You cant be mean to a kiity theres no tellin where its been
Where they all belong.
Well thanks for that, I had to go look up what that meant and I learned something... Although I have to read it again and again and again 
hahahahhahahahahaaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah wo never laughed so hard
Google it.....OK...
I am married to GOOGLE!!!!!!
Schrodinger's cat...awesome, but the camera in the box is cheating!
Can't be his cat, if you can see into the box, it defeats the purpose.
So, the cat is alive eh?

It should be in unknown state.
Tenía tiempo que no me reía tanto así con una imagen de internet..!
Think positive .animals cant humans only says like that.
Ha again oh boy this is getting boring saying ha all the time

Wouldn't Schrodinger's theory be invalid if you place a camera inside the box??(as you will know at all times whether  the cat is dead or alive)
How about doing something original . WTF!!!!

lol schrodinger's cat xD
вы по русски пишите
Правильно киса крой его,чтоб в коробку нн сажал.
Person to comment below me love horse cock
ha but I am a bastard so it is not funny
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