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Famous Weapons
How many can you recognize?

By Daniel Nyari
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cap america, cloud, nighmare, chainsawlolipop, link, thorm bomberman, kratos, ninja gaiden, castlevania, mario, jamesbond64, prinsipeDePersia, thondercat..creo XD,  
Top to bottom, left-to-right:  Tetris, Green Lantern? ... Batterang  Reanimator?  Goldfinger's pistol? Star Trek phaser (TOS), Jason's knife?  Freddie's glove... Harli/Joker's Mallet?  ... Thor's Hammer,  Jedi and Sith lightsabres, Chainsaw from Texas CM or Evil Dead?  Captain America's shield?  Katana from any of a dozen movies.
Gary Jr
Before I answer how many would make you a geek ? LoL 
Gary Jr
I'll name the ones I don't think were named

Gears of war lancer, Ghost buster protonpack, hitman 45s or Dante devil may cry Ebony/ivory, Ninja turtles, Kratos God of war, Batman bataring, doom bfg
Gary Jr
I've seen it before, Ninja Gaiden/Devil may cry im thinking 
Gary Jr
That's right, thanks, couldn't sleep till I figured it out lol
Would like to have seen the mega buster cannon, but this is a cool post anyways!
Anyone else think the top right dagger is from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time?
Tetris pieces, green lantern ring, sonic rings?, poke ball, batarang, cricket from mib1, green shell, bomberman bomb?, dagger from prince of Persia, freddy hand, crowbar from left for dead?, golden pow hammer, thors hammer, assault rifle from halo, tmnt gear, sonic gun from black ops, hf2 gun, portal gun, jedi and evil light sabers, captain America shield, thundercats, he man, master sword and shield (zelda), God of War blade string thing, ghost busters, bastard sword (ffvii), gears of War gun, gun blade (other ff title) and that's all I got. 
tetris, sonic, pokemon, mario, halflife, captain america, portal, star wars, tnmt, prince of persia. its difficult to me :D
Are they saying god did not create Man? then who created the chips.
Damn. All of them. Maybe I should go outside now...
The bomb is from Spy vs Spy
Nice stash of weapons but there are so many missing... :-P 
Casey W
Ahh, a challenge. Three quarters or so I'm pretty certain of. The rest I have a general idea about.
Not sure if someone already mentioned it but the weapon next to the infinity guantlet is Scorpion's kunai (also used by Noob Saibot, Smoke, Reptile and maybe Chameleon). The third object could also be the One Ring.
From top left to bottom right in order to the best of my knowledge
1.Tetris blocks  2.Green Lantern’s Ring  3.The ONE ring  4.Pokeball  5.Baterang  6.Noisey cricket  7.Green Tortoise Shell   8.The golden Gun 9.Startrek phaser  10.Zelda Bomb  11.Jame’s Bonds PPK 12.  Sands of Time Dagger  13.Unknown (possibly Solid Snake’s bowie knife??   14. Freddie’s Glove  15.  Gauntlet of power  15.Scorpion’s kuna  16.Indian Jone’s whip  17.Unknown 18.  Hitman’s dual hand guns 19.Mario’s mallet??  20.Unknown  21. Unknown 22.DigDug’s airpump?  23.TMNT Weapons  24. Unknown  23. Zero G weapon Halflife 2  24.Lightsabers  25.Sean of the dead’s cricket bat  26. Harry Potter’s wand  27. Ash’s chainsaw (evil dead)  28. Capt America’s Shield  29.Portal Gun  30.He-man’s sword of power  31.Sword of Omen’s (thundercats)  32.Excalibur  33. Link’s Sword and Shield  34.Kratos’ weapons  35.Proton Pack  36. Cloud Strife’s Sword (FF7)  37.Gun from Gears of war  38.Sword from Ninja Gaiden  39.Squall’s gun blade (FF8)  40.Soul Calibur  41.Weapon from Halo?
1.Tetris blocks, 2.Green lantern ring, 3.maybe a sonic ring, 4.pokéball, 5.batarang, 7.koppa shell, 20.Gordon Freeman's crowbar,21.looks like King dee dee dee's hammer, 27.rhino, point gravity gun, 29.light saber,  33.captain america's shield, 37.portal gun,  41.master sword and shield,42.Kratos swords, and  46.soulcalibur sword. That's the what I know from these weapons!!
I would have noticed more, but Captain America's Shield and Link's Hylian Shield on one picture almost made my head explode from pure epicness.
Nobody is naming the Halo assault rifle. Shun you. 
Halo sucks dude... whoever likes it should be shunned
Halo is the best. There is no other video game that will ever equal it's awesomeness. 
Where's the enchanted diamond sword?
The portal gun is a weapon. Right. RIGHT.
I thought the dual pistol were Laure Croft's from Tomb Raider
Cap America, Servantes, TMNT, Ghost busters, Kratos, Star Wars, Freddy Kruger, He-Man, MIB, Pokemon, Thundercats, Thor, Mario Bros., Indiana Jones, Scorpion, Batman, Star Trek, Portal, Donkey Kong
Tetris pieces and rings were too small to see on my phone...
Tetris, sonic's rings??, pokeball, batman, mario! :D, euhhhh.... wolverine's hand?, thor, captain america, star wars, and i don't know the rest xD i just know the most famous :p
Tetris, One Ring, Pokeball, Batman, Lightsabers, Hammer, Shield, Portal Gun...That's about it.
Since when are tetris blocks weapons?
Dunno some of them,but i want them all :-)
Everything on the right half, and most on the left.
Black disk next to Mjolnir is Kung Lao's hat.
i see assault rifle halo, slasher, gears of war, portal gun, mjonir thor hammer, flame thrower, and captain america shield. 
Kyle B
I got 44, Almost all.
Finally figured out what the gun to the right of the whip was... Dead Space Plasma Cutter.
Does the pokeball count as a weapon 
Kyle B
+colby kruse yes, because you throw it as a pickup weapon in super smash bros.
The Pokeball is a weapon? I knew it!
I'm at 41, possibly 42 if the air tank is supposed to be the one from No Country for Old Men.
Kyle B
I'm now at 42, I just get stuck on the swords, i'm more of a sci-fi geek.
I recognize around 20
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