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Oracle doesn't care about Java

Is #Oracle trying to destroy #Java language?
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Why do they need to put the Ask Toolbar in Java installation? Do they need money from it? I thought that Java was already supported by Oracle... A big company. Is this pic real?
I have not noticed, although I am running adfree on a rooted device...maybe they get blocked. Also, I've been back using ADW mostly. I'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks
I really don't get it. Drives me nuts every time I see it.
I re-installed Java yesterday after the recent security scare that advised it be un-installed. Perhaps they just wanted us to go through the setup again in case anyone wanted more bloatware on their machine. Have to say, wasn't happy when I saw this.
Yea, Oracle tries to mix in some crap-ware at all cost.
Yeah well in my Ubuntu box, I manually need to download, unzip and place the package from Oracle website, so I get no crapware warnings!
Java is free as in beer software that Oracle maintains, manages updates, and distributes for free to nnn,000,000 users.  

I say let Oracle try to get back a few bucks from the clueless.
Oracle's Google search I'm guessing?!?
What does Gosling have to say about this? 
I work mainly with Java. I must admit it wouldn't be my first choice for any project, but I generally like it and it's bytecode portability. The JVM brings lots of interesting possibilities.
Actually Sun started this about 5 years ago. For the longest time it was the Google toolbar. If I remember correctly at the time that little checkbox was making $500K - $1M for Sun in annual revenue. I am not connected with the Java team at Oracle so I have no idea if this is still the case and even if I was I wouldn't be able to say :P
Saw this today when updating Java at work! (and promptly tweeted to Oracle)
Their distribution model is b.r.o.k.e.n.
I don't like this method of making the uncheck box small or hard to spot and sometimes installers put the "yes" and "no" opposite so, if u click really quickly, you will click "yes" to installation. Ask is a nasty nasty bloatware+borderline malware as +Tom Bradley mentioned.
These knuckleheads are the stewards of Java?
There's nothing new about this, when Sun existed they tried to shove on the Google toolbar, as +Aaron Newcomb  said.
No one cares anymore about java in browser.
I almost posted this today also. My upgrade in Java7 asked to install the Ask toolbar. So lame!
Adobe is just as bad.  Mcafee or Norton Security Scan.  What crap software.
+Nikolay Essani Even if by some chance the JRE became obsolete, java as a language would still be used. For example, Android runs Dalvik, which uses java.
and you know who is worse than adobe now with the crapware.  CNET!  Have you download anything from them lately.

Decline, uncheck, decline, uncheck uncheck uncheck, decline, software is downloading.  Geeez.
+Ellis Berry True. You're right, the language itself would live on.
However, this is the way you loose fans and the public. You loose the public, you loose the program. Then there become better alternatives and there goes the language.
Regardless, I think that, yes, Java language has enough "good" in it to stay around even if the JRE was to become historyware. 

But, yeah, you're right.
I accidentally got the Ask toolbar. After several months I still can't completely get rid of it. Crapware, indeed.
Or should I say, F**k you Oracle!
+William Johnson I agree completely!  CNET Downloads used to by my go-to site for any sort of programs, whether it be AVG or a Color Generator. Now, thanks to their wonderful installer, I search on their site, find the program, then Google for a clean version of it.
i did a update last night, - I was like WTF !!!!!... it's a sign of the times.... and one more reason not to like Java
Guys, this has been going on for months, maybe a year or more. I've had to de-install that dang toolbar more than any other malware thanks to people rushing through the install.
They must have seen this criticism. The 7.0.11 version doesn't include this option 
But Mozilla still disables the new version as a security risk
Never cared when it was Google toolbar, but who needs ask toolbar?. I Don't think Oracle is doing it for the money.
That began under Sun, not Oracle.

I agree, it is unprofessional, but Oracle didn't start it. I sent a number of emails to Sun about it, finally got an answer from a tech manager: it was felt that the revenue would help defray development costs. I got the impression he did not agree with that policy.
Drives me nuts. And whats with that Bing thing always popping up with interferrence? Google toolbar is all I need and Google search for what I'm looking for.
Oracle ISN'T Sun Microsystems and Larry Ellison is NOT Scott McNealy! Scott isn't perfect, but...

Sad a good company had to fall into hard times.
Of all of the crapware they could pick, they chose ""?  Do they expect us to take that crap seriously?
Java is very important on the server side, check jboss, glassfish, etc. Even on mobile, if you consider Android development uses it as main language
^ but i wish they didn't have to put crapware with the jre installer, really gives it a bad rep.
and they make installing it the default, notice the box is checked.
Many large corps are sending out messages to delete or disable java. Both Java and Flash don't have a lot of future. 
Oracle is not alone. Recently one of the Adobe's free s/w (flash or similar) although i unselected the option it installed a crapware.
They  probably advised you to uninstall it for a security reason that Oracle had yet to patch at that time. The 7u11 (Java 1.7.0_11 if you actually spend the time to run java -version in Command Prompt) install from Oracle's Java downloads page had the Ask toolbar stuff in it, so nope, it's not an issue of where you got it from. Then again, unfortunately, I'm used to dealing with this sneakware (hello Adobe? CNET? Yeah, the other posters above are right, they use it. A lot.) and never rush through installs (unless I know for sure it isn't there) since I'm a power user. I'm a programmer, and a developer. I don't just let programs install themselves and go along my way. I make it install how I want, then customize it a thousand times, and then use it. Hence, no crapware or sneakware has yet to hit my system. (Unless I really really wanted it, of course, which has yet to happen.)

Also, I'm a developer. Java is NEVER going to die. Why? For the same reasons C and C++ are still used decades after their initial development: many programs are written using them, and those programs  MUST be maintained.

Java is used to run a lot of things. Client-side software, servers, you name it. At the rate it's going, there's almost ZERO chance for it to die or start fading from use anytime soon.
That's nothing compared to all Zero Day vulnerabilities lately found and poorly fixed. Looks like that Java is killing it self from within.
This is probably one of the most ignorant images I've seen on my homepage so far...

Java is by no means in trouble. Its one of the easiest languages to get started in, is used extensively in the industry, and is the easiest to develop cross platform.

If anyone is in trouble, its AOL, not Oracle. Oracle owns one of the only databases worth its salt. and has a market cap at $166.22 billion according to NASDAQ, with an average volume of 23 million shares. AOL on the other hand has a market cap at 2.5billion and an average volume of 1.16 million shares...
they ask you to add "Ask" from an ad... pretty sad, or rather bad
Linux users have access to something called "IcedTea", a completely free software implementation of the JDK (originally 4% of the JDK was binary blobs containing stuff developed by third party companies who refused to release the source code - sterling work by Sun developers before the Oracle takeover reduced that to 1%), but no-one appears to have packaged it up for other platforms (which generally don't have compilers built-in).

The saddest thing about the security flaws in Java is that it was originally purposely designed to be watertight secure - running in a sandbox isolated from the rest of the system. However, evidently over time the security model has presumably been weakened...
I think all such add-on toolbars are crapwares!! Does Oracle really think otherwise?
R Arn
Java is still Java no matter what and still the best in my opinion. If you're worried about Java installing toolbar from ASK, you can uninstall it silently but it may take some time. If you're a developer, just use Linux like Ubuntu and you don't need to worry about installation of ASK toolbar into your browser because the Linux version of Java installer is just an extract which means you just unzip it plain and simple. Most of the Java updates is about security. The performance is I think mostly release on the next major version. Oracle won't let Java alone. Most middleware runs in Java and even data migration runs in Java like from Mainframe to Oracle. If you're worried about installing toolbar, you can uninstall it and even the auto update can be disable if you want. Before, if you update Java, the application that runs in an old version of JRE won't run but now you can easily switch it back even if you have multiple Java. I know this because I've done this. I installed some application in windows that runs in JRE 6 but after I updated my JRE and JDK to 7 the application didn't work anymore but I was able to fix by using an old version even if I have a newer version installed side by side with my old version. Java is still the best
Stupidity, it should be criminal to treat one of the largest cross platform efforts in history like this...
Do not download the ask toolbar so that java will be efficient.
R Arn
@Sam, Thanks for clarifying it. 

Anyway, even if spyware exist in Ubuntu or other Linux distros or canonical distribution, you can opt it easily if a user knows about Linux. When you install JDK or JRE 7 in Windows, it will ask for ASK toolbar but there is a work around to prevent this and it's not that hard in Windows 7. First step is don't enable the auto update of your JDK...2nd...
Pls can someone clear my thought here; what's the Oracle? Though I know it has to do with system of a thing right but how does it work?...
As far as I am concerned, embedded Ask installations and alike, is just malware, as it takes over settings, and is bloody near impossible to get rid of completely, and all of the installs come with it preselected, making it easy to miss. 
Well you don't have to install it... It's only a recommendation to install it, and a rather sucky recommendation at that.
chastise me if you will but FUCK ORACLE.....:-:-:- I Used To Love H.E.R.-:-:-:-
They probably get paid a lot of money by the advertisers. In this case 'ask', being that java is a free product (as far as i am aware) they have to make money somewhere. 
+James Siggins like Oracle doesn't make tons of money selling their database, CRM, etc., right?
Agreed, they probably do, but I guess if you could have more...why not. Plus, it is an option, you don't have to install it. 
You know geeks are in trouble when they can't distinguish between a language and a runtime environment.
I fully agree - crapware is right. Every time I upgrade I have to be careful to remember to turn off the Ask browser. For god sake, who needs yet another damn browser toolbar!!!
java is one the most compact language in programming. you just have to understand it, coz it will never understand you. You just have to adapt yourself to it.
This is a shit way to make a buck. Whats next, popup ads in the jvm?
I was shocked when I saw this whilst updating recently. Crapware installed as the DEFAULT.
I stopped installing a JVM a couple years ago.
Unless you're not dealing with SAN switches and most HP servers/storages, java plug-in in browser is inevitable in order to manage especially non-IE browser.
That is so hard to remove...
Is this ... real? When it started?
Java in the browser is a dinosaur... But I still love it while I hate some of its guts
Java will die a good death when most high school students program 32768 core chips using a functional programming language ...
To be fair that add on nonsense was inherited from Sun days years ago. I recall the big hoo ha when Google made the "big' announcement, anticipation was a buy out when all it was just a bloatware add! 
Crapware, that's the word, precisely. FREE browser Crap-on.
This is JAVAception.
As said above (but who read previous comments? :-)), Sun started this a long time ago, so that's not (only) Oracle. And, yes, it is in the official Java download, but only in the 32-bit version (which install the browser plugins), and probably only for Windows, so lot of people doesn't see it.
This isn't new.  They've been doing that for a long time.
Name me one free software that do not offer som toolbar software. That is the case with the software vendors now ;-) 
Java will not die, C/C++ almost caused the crash of society and is still widely used.
Sun Microsystems didn't care about Java on Windows, either, given that they're the ones who bundled Ask with Java on Windows.  Protip: Don't use Windows.
That's what happens when they stop supporting android, quite possibly their biggest client
Are You serious?
It seem my JRE have not been updated, because I think it will be the same, if notification goes from my browser, I just click "Run this Time"
But if it was the real, I hope java will not die
shame on you oracle, you dont have to pull this kind of stunt when java is pretty much everywhere.
Ask is the worst piece of crap on the internet, F U very much Oracle.
I just wish this was humour... unfortunately it is way too accurate.
As a developer that works mostly with Java, it freaks me out that Oracle now owns it. Crap like this makes it a joke.
Java is far from being in trouble as far as a usage standpoint... (still don't care too much for it though)
The real issue here it's pushing the Ask toolbar and search of all things!
John J
This goes back to the sun days. 
If I want something on my system I'll go and get it myself.  I don't need someone else "suggesting" this or that to me. All that marketing fluff about "recommend" and "best of the Web" is just a carrot in front of the masses of people who don't think twice about clicking random "recommended" buttons.
R Arn
Some people hate Java and some people love it and I'm on both sides. :) In programmers world, Java is everywhere (mobile, desktop, blueray player, server, PSP, etc). The Java in desktop is just a tip of the iceberg. Don't blame Java. The JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which we used in browser is just a client side and make company easy to store and get information from your machine. We have other things to worry and not only Java. I'm not worried about ASK because ASK is a legitimate company. But, I don't install ASK as my toolbar because it slow down my machine. If you don't want to use ASK toolbar, you can opt it out and if you don't want to update your JAVA with the latest and greatest and your satisfied with your current JRE, disable your Java auto updates and you can find a lot of tutorial about that. I've been updating Java and I don't have a problem of updating it, just recent before updating my JRE, it is recommended to install ASK but it's up to you, it's you who decide not the Java if you want to install ASK. Spyware is everywhere and even your mobile, GPS. If you're worried about spyware getting your information, just disconnect yourself from the internet. It's really sad to hear that people hate it. Java is just a technology and you can even build it from the source if you know how to do it like what I'm using is based on Java 8 from
Same with Adobe Flash. Need to unceck the box to avoid installing Google Crome. :(
Just because the download is sponsored, doesn't mean Java is in trouble or becoming obsolete. 
+Sam Carecho I would suggest you read the data before you make such a claim. The scales of all the graphs on that site are not normalized. Java at its dramatic LOWEST point in 2008 according to the site you listed sat at around 13.25%. By comparison, the HIGH of C was ~20.75% in 2005, C++ HIGH was 17.5% in 2003, C# HIGH was 9.5% last year and has already dramatically declined so far this year, Objective-C's HIGH was 11% this year. Java IS the most widely used High level language in the industry, coming from someone IN the industry, and your own data, and is second only to C by a whopping 0.438%. C is used for embedded applications. The sole reason Objective-C is the leading competitor to Java currently is that its 100% proprietary to Apple, and is required if you wish to develop for those platforms.
Ask toolbar has been in for ages. Also, the unlike most windows software, clicking on the check box label doesn't toggle the box. Sneaky trick. 
Stop this histery already you people. Java platform's area is really far away from that browser plugin. You can kill it from your system right now, it will change nothing for both you and Java.
Cmon guys .. Java in trouble?
Didn't oracle just buy java to sue google?
True. I hate that they bundle a toolbar with java. that is so cheap.
If Oracle were to sell Java today, how much could they get for it?
Ahh ...That's why some of my friends are asking why they have Ask.... Or where is my Google?
I don't think Java will really die. It is used on nearly anything. Nearly any non iOS phone you can find will use some form of Java, smartphones and dumbphones alike. Including phones with small monochrome screens like the Nokia 3410. It's merely becoming somewhat less popular on PCs. But don't be mistaken, it is still a big player.
Reminds me when utorrent made me install
Pssh!!  That's been that way for so long.  My mouse is already ready to unclick the install toolbar box before I even get to the next screen!
Why oh why is the crapware installed by default? If they were confident it was a good thing, they would uncheck the box by default.
Anytime this takes place money is involved. While it is true that they may not need the money who wouldn't take money being offered to them? Imagine what a company would pay to be included,by default to every Java download or update. What you are witnessing my friends is greed.
Wer kann von sich behaupten
daß er wirklich Wahrhaftig Frei ist!
Wer das glaubt hat schon fast verloren! 
Wer kann von sich behaupten
daß er wirklich Wahrhaftig Frei ist!
Wer das glaubt hat schon fast verloren! 
Wer kann von sich behaupten
daß er wirklich Wahrhaftig Frei ist!
Wer das glaubt hat schon fast verloren! 
Even yahoo messenger has loads of crap like these.
Actually, Sun was doing that years ago. Don't know why. Always thought it was lame. Wish they would think of a different way to make money off of Java.
LOL, remember when Microsoft won the advertising bid for this? (They took over from the OpenOffice ads, I believe.)

Back to reality, though, this installer is about the the JRE (and browser plugin) and not about the Java language.
I work at an IThelpdesk and i see people installing this load of diarrhea every freaking time!
Now that's a pretty damn good tip! Thanks James Stansell!
Seriously? Downloading "better" updates and installers is the best way to install Trojans on your computer. Get your updates from the source. Learn how to uncheck a frikking box, like you have to do with dozens of other FREE programs, and get on with using your non-virus infected computer.

I now suspect that this whole meme was started as a way to con more people into downloading and installing malicious software.

Almost all of the FREE software which is used on millions of computers, stuff like Flash and Acrobat Reader and Java runtime, has an "option" to install crapware along with it. It is nothing new and is not a sign that the software is crap. Just a sign that the company is trying to make a few extra bucks off of stupid people. Get over it.
Doesn't runescape run java? Face it, this started long ago...
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