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If you are a gamer and you have kids, I bet you have done this, admit it!
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I used to do this to my younger brothers :) 
is this a male thing?
have any lady done this to their child?
Where are the female gamers?
I guess we males aren't as tough and truckle to kids :-D
ahh yes mothers say finish your homework 
I do it to my little brother lol
Kinda, I would download cheat codes so they could have unlimited lives and I would make them turn off "the blood and guts" option.....and hide my brothers game controllers if he was being a brat :) +Geek Humor 
Omg I see my son do that w/his daughter sitting on his lap all the time! Lmao
wowww...ha ha ha interesting and very funny!!!
My dad played Duck Hunt with us, it was pure comedy!
my dad also play  games but not that much:p
Guilty, buy the first time I actually let him play halo with me we got banned because they thought we were cheating.
Wow, great way to avoid actually interacting and playing with your children. How about keeping the gaming until they've gone to bed?
That's just pure evil. Wait till they can play circles round you then feel the revenge.
Yup, guilty as charged!! LOL!! Now my Son is old enough to play with me properly and is quickly becoming an avid Gamer - Proud Daddy!! :-) 
Im a PC gamer and I give them a mouse. 
My cousins and I used to do this to our younger cousin before he got past the button mashing phase (back when Halo 1 was the big thing).....eventually he caught on. O:o)
I used to do this to my cousins.
If your a gamer and you know it clap your hands "
It looks like cousins and nephews are the one that are not allow to play
Tony Lu
omg, this so good! Haha
Yes. My 6 yr old will sit on my lap and watch me when I'm playing EvE, especially when I'm ice mining. Good times.
Stopped working for mine at 4 yrs old :(
I did it until he came one day pointing at the "Faulty" message I sticked on the back
ha ha my son Shafay is not giving me the controlor at all he is 6 years old 
Lol I don't even have kids and have done this plenty of times
he play very well shadow of Rome ps games
It's the same as the kids' "steering wheel" in the car
I didn't know this technique, but I'm glad I do now!
I did this to my nieces when they were younger. Now they know better.
I don't have kids of my own but this is still true about me. To my cousins... 
I did this when they were super young. I can't get away with this any more. They are 7 and 5. 
How sad they feel when they discover you are laying to them?!
The painful thing is when they know that you are writing about them here :(
And you are creating 2 more brain damaged kids...get them outside to play.
My parents did something similar to this when I was little. I liked to change thew channel on the TV with the remote so the have me a calculator and told me it was a remote.
the expression of the kids. ha....nice
luk at da kid's, concentration :P
I've done that a lot bak n the day
Ive done it to my lil cuz but now hes older and always getting banned for cheating lol
At 1 year old, my son already knew if it was hooked or not.... even on wireless controllers.
Lynn V
poor kids
Team up always success guys@Geek Humor,
My son correctly used the term frag a couple weeks ago. I had to smile. 
I love it. I have a 9 month old boy when he gets a little bit older I'm going to give it a try I don't like in front of the TV at this age it's too over stimulating for him and I'd much rather him read a book
All the time!  Hell I even refurbed an older laptop and let my older kid play Minecraft on my account in creative mode solo using the same seed as our server so he "thinks" we are there.  I'm going to find a way to merge his house into a copy of the world so he thinks we showed up on his computer one day lol.
Good one dad it keeps them busy :)
hahahahahaha,i will try that with my daughter:))
when i was six i got a ps1 and it was my favorite system....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baby's so cute:) I like that legging on her:) x
i do samething with mouse
It's the 21st Century equivalent of hiking trips.
Funny man and mess up at the same dam time
you guy's suck 
I am sure that you are just afraid that when they actually learn how to play you will not be able to beat them.
Kyle S
yup. done this.
Unfortunately, this only works a handful of times before they start catching on..
Done it suckers did not know their joysticks were not plugged in 
haha i do that all the time.... works everytime =)
Awesome... And the bonus to their reflexes will actually be helpful. Also depending on the type of game they're playing it'll help them with problem and puzzle solving skills as well
agree.. haha.. if i have kids.. i"ll buy them console.. 
Haha, I did that to my little brother
I do that all the time with my Lil' cousin.
Where is the -1? Very sad? What do you think you are teaching your kids?
That's grate, why didn't I think of this lol
I do that with my sons but they dont know their controllers are off. I play the whole time. 
I so want to +1 this and share it, but it is currently at +1234 and shared 333 times.  I just can't be the one to screw that up.
Hmmm... that kind of sucks. Poor kids :-(
My son used to do this all the time when he was younger.  He's 11 now and an avid gamer.  :-)
...if you are a Gamer with Kids and done that... a lot says about your wife's (gf's) decision making skills!
Hahaha... Yeah i had 1 non working xbox 360 controller for both my 4 year old girl that already figure out i just fooled her and a 2 year old son who always laugh when i shot bad guys in my COD modern warfare Games 1 to 4....
My daughter is 3 and I actually first started her on a tablet as it was more intuitive and she loved it! She has since moved up to operation a computer mouse and playing learning games on and nickjr websites.

I figure the world is changing to be more and more computer related so why not start her early? Heck, they don't even teach cursive writing at my nieces school anymore because everything is typed now.

Edit: Corrected my horrible typing mistakes as I'm a terrible at typing on the phone.
I've tried this.  My kids know their controllers aren't doing anything….
Haha, that's genius. If they're having a good time and so are you, it's a win-win.
my 21month old figured it out.  :(
its the bonding with our nefews! Mother and father are both working!
its over once they realized they been had
+deus exMachina I'm not very worried.  Her favourite thing to do is go to the races (cars) and go fishing, as we do weekly throughout the summer. A little computer time never hurt nobody, including G+ users! :)
it does not work with 3 year old girls
i have a sister who is 4 years old and boy it works with her
Lmao oh I definitely do this!!! My 2 year old loves to play BO2 with me or so he thinks......
Many times, but it doesn't last forever soon they realize whats up and the fun is over.  Now I play video games on my son's time :)
Used to do this all the time with my youngest. We would play Super Mario Bro's on Wii.
lol. I've done this but they caught on pretty quick.
Na my kids are usually the ones who help if I'm stuck. I so it's me with the unplugged controller pretending! 
Really the only thing wrong about the entire photo is the crapple product in the background.

Never did this instead allowed them to play just to see how they would do then helped them out by showing how to play it but thier toddlers so its to them either way. Nephews and nieces are so funny. 
Did this for years, now, they all have their own xboxs and we play Halo 4 for hours.
Your dad licence will be removed for that!
I bought 2 extra Wiimotes for my Wii-U just for this reason, I just removed the batteries.
that is the way i would to do if had games and do play dragon nest
Used to do that all the time with my siblings and intend to do the same to my children
They all catch on eventually... It's still time together, so they don't mind it so much, trust me!
I am sure the kids soon will play better than dad!
heheheheh They'd do da same,i bet they would!
Phil B
Use to work for me too but my son is 3 going on 14 he figured it out
Reminds me of when I was younger and sat around playing games with my dad and little brother hahaha
hahahaha .. awesome dude ... gonna try it at my home ...
I admit nothing...they can read.
i do that too with my little brothers but they too smart for that!
I just wish my dad was around. Daddy why did you abandon me.
Rob C
Tried it with my 3 yr old little bro years ago n he looked at me like I was an idiot. And then he politely asked for a controller that worked. One of the funniest things I've ever seen
'..So good that i'm so bad'...Mnem hehehehehheheheheh
err unhooked keyboard while doing legit work is my sin.
I have done it, my son would rather watch me then play.  He is 3 and his favorite thing to do is to sit on my lap in front of my computer and watch Youtube videos of people playing Mario Brothers on my tablet.
It works now wait one year your oldest is gonna know
I do this all the time! The only way I can get any gaming done in my house! Lol 
I exactly do the same with my nephew. 
I do this on Mario Kart with friends... I think I'm winning, turns out I'm the guy driving into the wall and spinning his wheels. 
Yup. Used to do that w/ my daughter until she started to pay attention to the TV. Now I keep the gaming to a minimum unless it's a simple game like Bejeweled on the PS3. 

COD isn't played until she's in bed for nap or it is bedtime.
Crazy lazy parenting, but I guess it works for him and his game addiction.
You let your "little girl" watch you play Battlefield 3?!?
ull kill their mind... ull actualy trying to say your kids are stupid... my boy will notice that...
ha ha ha, dat y i love kids, u can make funny of Em without Emselves knw.
+izzy benny That would depend on what age your child is.  At 2 or 3 it is a fine line between them understanding what they are doing is relational to the screen.  Most of the time they are just happy to pretend to be doing what their parent is doing.  Give a child a steering wheel in the car when you go driving, I would bet they would mimic you and this it is great fun!
I so do this! It's pretty much the only way I get to game any more.
I never had to do that with my niece. She loved to watch me play Prince of Persia.
Hehe, I never play, I let them play... apart from an occational Tetris when they are asleep in the morning.
Probably would work on wives and girlfriends too.
LOL!!!! This is great! best way to entertain yourself and the family!
This only works until they figure it out lol then they really want to play. 
vi ha
I wonder whose juice box Is on the ground... I bet its the father.

Also how dare he sits and play video game with his children?! Such a lazy, poor parenting style. He should be shooting up or out drinking and partying while the children are left with the neighbors. Look at the children's faces... Clearly they are suffering from their father's addiction...

(looks at to do list)
Over react on a photo... "check!"
Humorous as it is, its sad that he raises his kids like this for "hours"
I have a 2 year old, and am a gamer myself. Honestly he's never seen me play a console TV game, ever.

I think it's over stimulating, and most have violence in them that I do not want him to see.

As nice as it would be, I resist the temptation.

Yeah but they were on to me after 30 mins...
I love how people blow this image out of proportion. Must be liberals. Lol.
done it...they quickly figured out though that their controller doesn't to a thing and it's MY controller they want
We did this to my nephew and when he figured out the cord wasn't plugged in it broke his heart (he thought he was so awesome at the game)...i think he might have trust issues now
Lou F
Awesome idea. Have to try that with my two year old
I have often employed the same strategy in my home.
I used to do that to my niece and nephew each time they asked to play with me...then they grew up and caught on
Paul P
I call it multitasking. 
HahHahaha I do that all the time with little kids:)
i was doing the same before lol
Great..bonding of father like son..
I've lost count the amount if times I've done this lol!
lol i love it! im going to try that when i have a kid! lmao
Not yet... I am doing this when I get off work tonight... why have I never thought of this...
Who ever said that old controllers should be thrown out!!
I totally did that too.  And my little tax deductions still beat me!
Awe...keeping the children engaged. Good stuff!
How about giving them a book, with pictures.
Bad ideal, now my 22 year old son can not get off it and get a job. Lol 
I like that better! As a past tutor...I can tell reading is not that popular among some of today's youth. Yet staying engaged with your children is equally as important as education. 
From lil bro to nephew, from Sega to 360, sorry! 
true true very cleaver
I remember seeing arcade games as a kid and pushing all the buttons because I thought I was playing XD
My sister and I did this to our little bro until he caught on.
Not a parent myself but will definitely be giving this one a go when the time comes! :)
tht sounds like a great idea.. I'm going to do the same with my little cousins..
I used to do this with my cousins 
My ids are teenagers now, so me and my husband, and we all just play as a
i do this with my 3 year old sister with our wii
So cruel but funny, Lol dont do that a lot poor boys,, 
That's the oldest trick in the book
I miss the days when you just set all day in the living room or somewhere else playing Xbox or the old joystick consoles though Xbox was more fun when it came out. But yeah just sitting there, don't have to work, don't have to think about future, just sit and play all day unreal championship with a bunch of other awesome people. Today, people don't socialize online as much and just games are no longer as fun, I think I'm going to go cry now.
That's perfect and has happened at our house too!
Works every single time !!!
well im a gamer but i don't have kids does little cousons count
I have done this with my daughter when she was little. We both got to be happy, her quite & me able to play my game! Doesn't work anymore! 
My son caught on way to quick and realized that his controller does nothing. It was fun while it lasted. 
+KC Blake same here when you have a wii and my couson found out if the light is on it's works 
well i am not a gamer but i will work to avoid disturbance
thats how me n my lil sister are with my lil cuzzins, they get into the game. we be playing Black ops2 n my sister has the headsets n gets mad when she gets knifed. n be like
+Edgar Hernández TIPICO MAE no se cuantas veces lo hice cuando venian chiquitos a la casa, solo como una vez se dieron cuenta jaja
I tried this - my kids are too smart, and figured out almost immediately that they weren't controlling the screen - ages 2 and 4!
jeff i
They actually believe they are playin to hahaha dumb kids lol
My son also caught on almost immediately that his controller wasnt doing anything i guess the gamer gene is passed on accelerated in them.
If the man wnats to play video games with his kids big deal. So what if the kids controllers are not hooked up. They dont care. They are happy spending time with their father. 
Put the game controller down already! Go play Legos with your kids, or read a book to them. Perhaps build your own characters out of modeling clay. Crayons are another idea.
Haha, this worked with my nephew for about 2 days. Then he got wise to it and wanted the real deal.
hahahahahahaha Not so funny but cool
Two kids that will be a waste of oxygen. Way to go.
I do it all the time when I wanna play video games.
It just shows how sad and appauling our world has become.

I've done this with my sister when we were kids.
I have neices and nephews. Does that count?
i do this with my little cousins when they come over
i have 3 kids and believe me they are not dumb! If i ever even try to do this kinda dumbest thing they just reply me back with a reasonable answer. AMAZED?
ya easy to fool kids but soon they will understand and ask for the connected controller and swap the dummy one with you!
me also we im live my children before, i play with them. I play what my son play( basketball, playing card,anything) and then my 3daughter playing doll or piko and jumping rope. I remember i dont have money but my last daughter rain she want doll she not stop to crying, im sad. That why i make 4 him paper doll.oh my god she happy.she tell to me "mama u making more paper doll,becoz o want to give my all friends. No problem being a mother or father sometimes u play or jamming ur children. I sepprate woman thats i do all 4 my four children. Thank u god u give my children 4 me. :-)
Gabby D
I have a younger brother and I did this when we were a bit younger lol. We play together now though - 500th comment!
Plus I do this too and almost 500th comment

Methinks someone deleted a comment just to make someone ^^ who posts "500th" land on 499 instead.
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