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Top 10 Obscure Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

For every Batman, there’s a Matter-Eater Lad. For every X-Men, there’s a Legion of Super-Pets. There are comic book characters and groups who make it big, and there are those who never find a lasting audience. Only now and then do the obscure characters get noticed, and even more rarely do they get the big-screen treatment (Blade is the notable exception). Here are ten superheroes there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of, but that we at GeekDad think are good enough to carry a movie. Please feel free to list your own entries in a comment, or make some casting suggestions.

 10. Machine Man: He’s a sentient robot with flight, super strength, speed, vision, and reflexes. He can put special tools in his fingers, including a gun and all kinds of scientific equipment. In one story, he falls in love with another sentient robot. There’s all kinds of potential here, and he even has a human identity as Aaron Stack, an insurance investigator.
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You pretty much nailed this right on the head.  ALL of these could be made into awesome movies.  

I can see Normalman in sort of a Kick Ass type genre of movie.  The  rest of them could be put out just as is!  GrimJack might be toughest of all, given the pandimensional nature, to be anything but a SyFy type movie, but they'd all be lots of fun.  

Top marks to The Question and Azrael.  It'd be tough to do Azrael without the Batman-related intro, but it could be done.  And a movie of him chasing down his past as he did in the first few issues of his own series would fall right into that conspiracy theory genre that people like.  
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