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TableTop gag reel is here! Don't forget to check into GetGlue and get fan stickers!
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It was my 4th check-in, thanks for reminding me. But now I have to wait until January to actually get the sticker.

That makes me very sad.
You can always rewatch the old episodes!
You know what I don't get...why a gag reel? Just leave this stuff in the show. Seriously. Makes my day a little brighter.
In an effort to keep the show's length sane, I can see it. I do wish that at least part of the interviews were done after the actual game was played so we'd get reaction from the players about the game as well. We probably would have heard more about Dr. Hannah, which would have been a good thing. Probably.
+Stephen Ward 1/2 an hour for a Youtube video is already a pretty significant time commitment for me. I love me some Tabletop, but if it were any longer I would never have the time to be able to watch it. :(
So where can we get the Bazinga shirt? Kinda awesome you are wearing the The Big Bang Theory shirt and then show up on the The Big Bang Theory show wearing The Guild shirt. Awesome show can't wait for more episodes.
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