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Bran's looking older, Hodor's gonna have a hard time carrying him around.
It'll be a nice birthday present! =D
Doctor Who on the 30th and Game of Thrones on the 31st... suddenly there is not enough room in my pants.
my dad loves this show but i can not watch it. stupid snow fighters/zombes.
Don't have pay TV so it's all meaningless to me (or cruelty?) ... I recently bought all the books and have almost finished the first one. Getting right into it too, I love it more than the show and wish I discovered them first.
Remember, you know nothing Jon Snow
Loved the books and love the show, pity we don't have HBO and I have to wait for the DVD's. Oh well, good things come to those who wait.
So... A norwegian actor climbs the wall with ice axes? You know you live in a weird country when you see something like that and thinks "yep, thats normal". Hey, its just ice climbing. Its fun. :)
cant wait
+Derek Buck & +Danielle Barnham I don't have regular TV and I watch it online.  Usually get good links from TVLinks but watch out for pop ups if you have kids with you...sometimes they're a bit...well...they're probably fine actually if you are watching GOT with your kids LOL....
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