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Dodger, why didn't you take a picture of the token on your wall? ;_;
I use beyondpod app on my android to watch the videos I like to follow. And was looking for a feed to download the show. Thanks to the service provider for cutting my unlimited data plan I use my wifi to save them to my phone and watch from out and about. I did look on the site and saw the rss feed but it's not a video one just some information and links to site and YouTube. Any help would be great. Love the show 
Another fun looking game. My bank account doesn't thank you, but I certainly do :) 
I now want to play this game...just like I do every game that they play on this show!!!
D Bahi
We are over at a friends right now playing board games because of this show. Started with Small World and Munchkin and just have to keep trying to meet up at least once a month to keep the beauty of face-to-face gaming with the kids and friends going. Was seriously missing this show over the holiday break and delighted it's back. Thank you Wil and Felicia and YouTube.
Another great show. We've played a Alhambra a lot, and Dodger's play was positively spooky. Glad that Wil corrected his pronunciation of 'Seraglio'. 
ok so I finally watched an episode of TableTop, a series I thought I would never watch. I figured this would be lame. I'm hooked now. TableTop? more like TableCrack. Go Team Will!
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