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December's Book picks! 
Dragon Actually (The Dragon Kin #1) by G. A. Aiken
Alt: Succubus Blues (Georgia Kinkaid #1) by Richelle Mead
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Isn't 'Succubus Blues' the main?
I picked them both up on my Note.  They were both very reasonable as ebooks.  
Picked up the book on Google Play for $5, not bad. Now to find time to read.
I've read most of the books by G.A. Aiken.  Some are funnier than others but all are entertaining.  Not a big fan of the succubus books, just couldn't get into them.  But a lot of my friends really like...so I must be the odd man out.
Has anyone noticed the narrative slips between viewpoints mid section? That's a reasonably rare thing to do, isn't it? I was always told that was a no no. Great book though so far.
It does switch point of view fairly often.  It is a general rule to not do that, but many books do now.  Most, though, have some sort of indicator when it is changing.  It isn't hard to follow though.
I thought the Alt was Dragon Actually and the Main pick was Succubus Blues.
They are both really quick reads. I suppose we will see.  
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