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10 of the strangest scientific theories proposed by science fiction:
Everybody knows that actual scientific advances have started out as science fiction, including Radar and geostationary satellites. Your tablet computer is basically right out of Star Trek.
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Looking for the coming of the great handkerchief on the disc
I feel #4 is a bit off. To me Serenity didn't revise the Reaver legend from Firefly, it rather showed the truth and busted the myth which some of the people in the Firefly universe previously believed (not all). That a few people believe a myth in a movie/series and then finds out the truth does not constitute a revision of the universe but rather the reveal of another aspect of the universe.
The turtle moves pleases me that the Great A'Tuin is the cover thumbnail for this story. : )
I find myself confused by this. If the article is about false things in science fiction, then Discworld shouldn't be in this - A'Tuin is a proven fact in that universe.
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