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How did we live without knowing this stuff before?! 18 household tips to get you through everyday life -
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oh my... my life will never be the same again =D
Its almost embarrassing I never thought about simple fixes like those!
Everything is so much clearer now
Holy crap! Pool noodle! Much more reliable than the couch cushion and takes up less space. I feel like an idiot.
+Jake Smith AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we have to fight to the death now ala highlander/ the one
Great stuff! Love the beach key/valuables hider :) 
Genius, my flip flops will never fall off again!
some of these are pretty clever
+Donna Z in MA It means that lots of people have recently chosen to +1 or reshare it.  So the "who" is everyone on Google+.
Most of those were good common sense but #2 blew my mind!
Yeah...this just got clipped to Evernote. I may have to try that walnut idea tonight.
Nice comment Donna you got a point
Man some things that you could actually use im dumbfonded..
omg i love this web sight its awesome!!!!!!
i'll have to try the vacuum trick cause i'm always losing earrings
sweet! that ALL ways happens to my flip flops!!
I know most of these. Call me ghetto but I'm just smart.
ok those are some rlly good i wounder how many pairs of earing iv lost.
Usefull. I think i will use all of these when im older
Paula G
This post is so helpful i must save it .so love the great tips
Aaaaaw! You didn't know that? Lol! I didn't either. Nice to know.
i didn't expect much from these kind of posts, but wow, very smart advices!
Cool helpful tips threw away some flip flops before
These tips are awesome! My life is forever changed!
These tips are ingenious! Thank you. You may be right, now that I know I wonder how was I getting by without them.
it sure would make life easier...thanks for the tips :)
Jay Tee
Too creative!
This stuff is so out of the box I never would have thought it.
Haha would have never thought of that
Wow, most if these are amazing tips!
Some really useful stuff there. Thank you very much!!
I can honestly say that everyone should watch this! It does have some GREAT ideas!
Wow, this is really helpful. They should teach things like this in school.
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Thanks a lot. I tried to setup the vinegar thing, but I didn't have the right sized baggie.
Thank you for showing us that, but meanwhile, It also gave me a link to the 25 food that you cannot get anymore section of the website, and it reminded me about my good old favorite French toast cereal! I WANT MY FRENCH TOAST CEREAL BACK! :'-( that was on my 3 favorite cereal list 2th place. I'm happy my chocolate cereal survived (1st place), but I really want my French toast cereal back :-( I know it now replaced with cinnamon toast crunch, but the French toast cereal way way better (at least for me!) hope it will come back one day, but it will never be the same! :'-(
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Most of this is extremely helpful. Thanks.
syringe full of vinnger molt hj ha ha or salt n water safe no needle dieabetic ,um
Nice pic. You foreigners really like Havaianas sandals. Ask +Otavio Duque how many "gringos" came to Morumbi Mall to buy a lot of it!
I generally never look at stuff like this, let alone actually pass it on, but some of these are actually pretty good ideas. 
wtf this is so cool
i learn something new great...
Again, the flip-flop saver (plastic bread clip on bottom of flip flop) you get the most out of your chap ass flips!
David J
Cool things to try
I would never use a dustpan to fill a container that doesn't fit in the sink. That sounds like a solution looking for a problem.

Use the bath tub to fill a container that doesn't fit in the sink.
+Nicholas Layton It may just be me but I am assuming that this suggestion is for places that do not have a tub available.
Wooow, no doubts these were the tips of the week for me, thanks a lot and keep these kind of things coming :)
Some of these are just brilliant. Thank you for sharing. 
What is a pool noodle?
I thought I had invented the knot fix :P
I agree. Some of these I could and will use. Can't believe never thought of it myself.
The Key chain tip i used before through my mind but others are really good, i will try 11th one to clean my car head lights
You learn something new everyday(:
Great tips and ideas! I'm sure I will be using most of them
See it helps yo be resourceful when Obamas in office...since he took my CHANGE....I have been doing this stuff...
I have been unable to get the can opener one to work. But the one for flip flops is genius.
Has anyone used to the toothpaste trick on the headlights?  If so, does any brand work?  My headlights are so clouded, I've tried commercial solutions with no luck.  If toothpaste will work, I'm gonna flip!
The household tips are actually useful!
fasten horse shoes 2 th bottom of yr kids school shoes. They might get a bit tighter as the kid grows, but they will last for years!!
Almost all are good tips. Ingenious even, with the exception of the bread clip. If the integrity of your footwear is contingent on a little bread clip, it might be time to invest in something newer. Think of it as a spare tire for flip flops. 
Great nd thoughtful collection.
Kids falling out of bed? Problem solved. Now, how do I keep 'em in when they spontaneously hop out?
#12 is such a Vork thing to do. I hope Felicia Day writes that into season 6. I'd love to see Jeff Lewis cutting up old milk cartons in his free time.
And trying to sell them on the Internet.
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