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New episode of The Guild is here! Vork is still on a dragon? #FREEVORK The Guild - S6 Ep 10: Tipping Points
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Were you in a bad place when you wrote this season, Felicia?  The characters are wonderfully dynamic, the setting is awesome, the CG game-scapes are sooo cool, but it's reminding me of why I left the corporate world and went into natural healing . . . do you need a massage?
+Alaina Lipp watch the BTS. This may have been done around the time of a controversy involving the drunk tweets of someone no longer working at a gaming news place.
Did the drink cup at Tink's feet disappear?
It's coming together, but my overall feeling is... now what? I don't want to say that you jumped a certain aquatic predator, but Vork is sitting on a dragon...
A lot of speculation on the interwebs posits that Donovan is an evil genius. And he has been playing everyone, and will now make a bid to oust Floyd, and hold the Game hostage to his demands.
OH...I Hope she walks outside and tells Vork "great job, you got me fired!".
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