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Continuing our day of TableTop, here is the interview with Neil Grayston!
Extended interview from TableTop Episode 2: Settlers of Catan with Neil Grayston Follow Neil on Twitter!!/neilgrayston Buy Settlers of C...
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Are you all thinking of doing a version where the the swearing is bleeped? I'd love to show my kids but they are still a little young for the language. They LOVE Small World and Forbidden Island. Please do a Forbidden Island episode. It's a great game for having the whole family work together!
This helps, I was about to get sucked into a Settler of Catan game, now I know how to RULE (Roll 7 as much as possible.)
Ya know, the BBC releases two versions of some of their shows. The regular version is cut to time and bleeped. That night or within a few days of original broadcast they show an extended, post-watershed version (Quite Interesting XL, Have I Got A Bit More News For You, etc.) G&S: After Dark would be awesome.
Actually, Joe Wasicek's idea is pretty awesome - since you're not trying to broadcast on television, a lot of those time restrictions are more or less meaningless. However, that always has to be balanced against what's worthwhile to be showing. So far I've loved both episodes, and eagerly look forward to the next.

Another thing that could be either really awesome or really scary would be to include two celebs and a G&S fan. I call dibs if you ever get Kari Byron to come on :-D
Nice to see you guys playing the same kind of games we play every weekend at the NYC Board Gaming meetup... I never was much of a fan of Settlers, but there are plenty more Eurogames out there... I bet Saboteur would work well on video... Traitor mechanics are a blast.... Oh, and Neil is awesome on Eureka... Heh... Funny to see Dr. Fargo and Dr. Parish playing together... Just need to get Felicia in there, and the pseudo-love-triangle would be complete :)
The volume in the interviews is strange - the people talking are too quiet, and the sound effects are too loud. I have to turn it up really high to hear them speaking, but then the sound effects scare me because they're SUPER loud.
Turned out my mom bought it a few years back thinking it would be good fun to play with my kids (but they were a little young then). So I borrowed it this weekend I think we played half a dozen games between all of us. Definitely a hit!
Just played this with a few friends tonight, excellent selection.
OK so big deal here...big deal...we've always said Cu-Tahn....but I hear people saying Ca-TAN....which is it? Saying Cu-TAN sounds so strange to me...I refuse to believe it is so. :)
I've always said Cu-Tahn as well, but when I started playing with people in California they told me I was wrong )-:
Well, Will himself said Cu-Tahn...on a show that teaches you how to I'm going to say we are right Lauren. :)
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