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Here's the problem: You've got all these video game junkies in your life, and you're trying to get them to play tabletop games with you - but you're not sure how to draw them. Enter BOSS MONSTER - the perfect gateway game to introduce your videogaming friends to tabletop gaming. But we know you all have your own opinions on this - so what other games are great for introducing newbies? 

Learn more about Boss Monster here:
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I use Fiasco to introduce new players to role-playing games. It's fast and it teaches the concepts of setting scenes, resolving conflicts, and creating fiction based on prompts and collaboration without requiring tactics. I like to say that because it's based on Coen Brothers movies, Fiasco has no good or bad decisions, just differently bad decisions.
How inviting a girl to play? That way the video game junkies will actually interact with a real life female rather than someone trolling the MMOs with a female avatar. Failing that, I just got my students addicted to Citadels. It's really easy to learn, cut throat competitive and fun.
+Sam Cheung, I'm not sure that approach will work when 50% to 75% of the video game junkies I'm approaching are, in fact, real life females.
Munchkin always! I brought it into work last UK bank holiday and now I'm being tortured to bring it back every opportunity 😀
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