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Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Connecticut right now. :(
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It is hard to imagine how something like this could ever happen...
I have 2 kids in elementary school, and this story just sickens me...I can't even imagine what the parents are going through, both the ones whose children are safe and the ones who have lost them. My heart goes out to those families affected by this today, and I'm going to hug my kids extra hard when they get home today :(
I think the media need to stop publicising the names and histories of the people who do these things. It may not stop them all, but giving infamy to the people who commit these atrocities gives these warped individuals some feeling of accomplishment for being on the news. Report what has happened, but don't give these demons fame for killing innocent people.
There are no words, my heart and head can't even begin to comprehend the ache, fear and loss. It's overwhelming. Love, peace and prayers for everyone impacted.
I've two small children - one in grade school. I find myself switching between unspeakable rage toward those who defend the "rights" of those who hide behind the common misinterpretation of the second amendment and unbearable sorrow for the children and parents in Newtown. 
This makes me want to go get my kids out of school early. What a terrible, terrible thing.
Matt H
Two gunmen, at least one wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying FOUR guns???  =(
I hope no one is letting their children see how scared they are. A fear of public places at a young age can be very bad for adulthood.
Matt H
+John Larberg -- I agree to a point.  I think a child seeing that an adult is worried, not frightened, is okay.  But yeah, a parent freaking the hell out?  Not good.  Expressing concern and/or some worry?  Acceptable, in my opinion.
My heart goes out to the families of lost loved ones.
Charlton Heston said you can prise the gun from his "cold dead hands" how many more cold dead hands of innocents does America have to suffer until the US government do something? A sad day!
Cory D
It boggles the mind what goes through these cowards' minds. Their actions are sickening enough let alone that they don't even have the guts to face what they have done.
it's sad that kids , who just go about there day  there's lifes shortened for no reason 
Completely atrocious that the news media thinks its ok to be interviewing 3rd graders about this, then to go even futher then just tell us in your own words, tell me how each child you saw was dealing with the bullets that were whizzing by your heads? I am disgusted.
This is clearly the responsibility of a messed-up, disturbed, sick, and crazy individual.  My heart and prayers go out to the families of all of the victims.  When a tragedy like this occurs there is no justice that can truly be served.

However, if you think gun laws will stop this kind of thing, explain to me how messed-up, disturbed, sick, and crazy people obey the law?
+Nick Adair we could argue all day based on our theories of what it would be like if there were more restrictive gun laws, but maybe it would be better to just look at facts. According to the list maintained on Wikipedia there have been 4 school shooting in Canada resulting in 4 deaths since 2000. USA has over 80 with each shooting having way more deaths due to more powerful guns. Both countries have crazy people so if its not american gun culture that is the problem then what is.
There will be a tremendous outpouring of support for the victims of this mass murder and their families, as there should be.

However, it is important to note that one man, who has no (apparent) criminal history (this information may change) took away the rights of no less than 8 adults and 18 children. Those victims have no more rights. No right to the freedom of speech, the free exercise of religion, the freedom to vote... Or the freedom to exercise their Second Amendment rights and own a gun. This man's Second Amendment rights (and the misuse thereof) trumped theirs, and that's all it takes... One man. One gun (though in this case, four). Twenty six lives tragically lost (twenty-seven if you count the gunman).

There is a saying... "Guns don't kill people; people kill people... But the gun sure helps!" That's not necessarily true, either, since there are incidents where guns "accidentally go off" and someone is dead. While these incidents are statistically unlikely, they do happen, so the maxim "Guns don't kill people; people kill people." is false, because it does happen.

A gun is a weapon. It is not a tool. It has no use, nor purpose, other than to injure or kill. It is deadly. The more people there are that have guns (criminals or otherwise), the more inclined they are to think that the option for their use is valid or justified. This is a significant problem; if you don't think so, ask anyone who was at this Connecticut elementary school this morning.

What is the solution?

Some people feel that the solution is to educate everyone on responsible gun use and ownership. This will not solve the problem. Some people just flip the fuck out; they go crazy, and oft-times this is after they acquire a firearm, though not necessarily. You can still go to many gun shows and buy a firearm and have no paper trail; no registration or documentation. This "solution" will likely act in similar fashion to the D.A.R.E. program, which has been proven to increase drug abuse.

Some people feel that the solution is to arm everyone. If everyone has guns, then no one will use them. If that argument held true, it should be logical and reasonable for the same argument to be applied to nuclear weapons. If everyone has them, no one will use them. How comfortable would you feel with certain countries having a nuclear arsenal? That sort of thinking lead to an arms race between the United States and the (former) Soviet Union; criminals would (and can) go for bigger guns or go for more guns. It's just an arms race.

Some people feel that the solution is to take guns away from everyone. If no one has a gun, no one can use one. Unfortunately, criminals being who and what they are, they'll get access to a gun somehow and then they've got distinct advantages over those without them. It's the same (tired) argument, "If you take guns away from law-abiding citizens, only criminals will have them." However, many criminals with guns were once law-abiding citizens and didn't purchase their firearms on the black market. They got them legally and then became criminals (the same holds true of some people who go on crazed killing sprees).

Others feel that the solution is to ban certain types of weapons; weapons that can be used to kill people faster and more effectively. Opponents of this point of view use the same (tired, old) argument that's used against taking all guns away from people entirely.

Some people get very, very worried that "the government" is going to come and take their weapons away and leave them defenseless. They worry that they wouldn't be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical regime (and sometimes worry that our government is exactly that). I'm sorry to say this, but many countries under the rule of oppressive dictatorships have quite a number of "resistance movements" that are quite well armed with fully automatic weapons... And they're still no match for the government's armed forces.

The same holds true (actually, more so) for American citizens. I'm sorry to have to say this as well, but our best "assault rifle" and our "hundreds of hours on the shooting range" are no match for military snipers, army rangers, navy seals, body armour, etc... Our military is so vastly superior that the argument that we need to maintain a "well regulated militia" (as defined by the Constitution; our [registered or otherwise] gun owners are neither well regulated nor do they count as a militia) in order to defend ourselves from tyranny is laughable. The armed forces simply have too much training and firepower for our common citizens (even ex-military/currently serving, but off-duty military/police forces) to overwhelm. We'd be better off taking Ghandi's revolutionary tactics if it came to that; yes, many would die, but we'd have a much better chance of success and international/historic sympathy than if we went after our government as insurgents in a civil war.

So what is the solution? Innocent people are still dying.
+Joseph Rebstock I'm not going to sit here and try to explain why this guy should have a weapon.  He clearly shouldn't have.  But it's not the law that caused him to have an assault rifle.  My point is, that whether it's legal or not to own one, he would have still owned one.

When one person does the wrong thing, you cannot seek justice upon the people who aren't responsible.  The facts are that there are 315m people in the US, and only 35m in Canada.  You will have more problems with more people.
+Peter K. Ullmann So what is the solution? Innocent people are still dying.  

There is no solution to stop the event, only the punishment thereof.
I feel horrible about this travesty.  One of my friends even had a bit of an anxiety attack.  Someone close to me posted up this quote and I think it was a bit uplifting in this time of sorrow.
"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world." - Fred Rogers
as for the gun laws... America was built on guns, pushing back the Native Americans, protecting their homes out in western wilds, to just hunting and personal protection.
They might not be as needed in these times but everyone who feels they need protection should have it(thank you Tazer).  Everyone who can hunt should have a means.
But the saying goes "Nobody robs a bank in Texas (because everybodys armed)".  I would like to have "safe traps" or some means of putting a detriment in the way of these people like locking safety doors or some kind of shocking device to deploy at a button.  Who knows... perhaps a giant electro magnet.  Someone has to have a good ingenious idea.
Fighting the temptation to drop everything, go straight to my daughter's elementary school, and hug her this instant.

Linda pointed out that those kindergarten students' parents almost certainly have closets full of presents for them already.  And some of them are probably only children, given the demographics.  The best thing we can say to those poor parents is that we sincerely hope this is the worst Christmas of their lives.
+Corey Barrett Thanks for that quote.
MY oldest was 5 on 9-11. When he asked why all the adults looked worried, this is the conversation we had:
"A plane hit a building and people are really sad."
"Is anyone hurt?"
"Yes, people are hurt."
"Are there firefighters and police and ambulances to help them?"
"Yes, there are lots of people to help them."
"Good. That's good."
It was huge relief to him to both understand why the adults were worried and that other adults were helping.
Mark J
It would be appropriate for the media to back off and let these people be alone to deal with their tragedy. Such media coverage is obscene.
I feel so sorry for all those who have been affected by this, the news absolutely broke my heart. The children, they were only babies! :( It's sad whenever this happens, but they were just so young! My prayers are for their families, and for the survivors too who will forever wear this scar in their memory.

I do wonder, why there are other countries in the world with equal amounts of gun ownership as the US, yet nowhere else has anywhere near as much of a problem? Personally I think you guys need tougher gun legislation and more accessible mental health care. That doesn't change what has happened, but maybe it could help in the future.

"The gun was created to kill. No thanks." - Lindsey Way
Why didn't this school have security guards? Nearly 1,000 people in one place with almost no security. THIS IS B.S.
Here in the UK we don't really have security of any kind at schools, mainly because we feel we just don't need it.

Maybe some ridiculously tough inner city schools in deprived areas have metal detectors for knives but that's pretty much it - it's very much the exception rather than the norm, and a fairly big fuss is made if anything like that makes it into schools. We had Dunblane then the police wisely implemented a gun amnesty. Today public attitude's turned so sharply away from private gun ownership it's now just like the public attitude towards smoking. Even licensed owners (farmers, etc) are treated with a little suspicion by most people.

As +Lollie Doll said, why do other countries have tons of guns yet a minute fraction of the problems brought about by irresponsible gun usage?
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