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According to feng shui, stagnant water should be replaced with moving water. This hedgehog knows what's up!
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Much better than some stupid hamster wheel...he's got bubbles...
Aww poor little guy just wants out .
They just invented the hedgehog powered Jacuzzi. 
Sonic! He can really move! Sonic! He's got attitude!
Running through hedgehogs mind: This is plain frustrating! I think I've made it out - what's that splashing noise? It follows me...
Plain mean if you ask me, he's cold, scared and confused. Someone pick him up and wrap him in a warm towel!
While I was occupied putting the lime in the coconut, the hedge hogs were putting the feng in the shui.
Oh my gosh...I giggled at first, but now I just feel bad for him.  I just wanted him to get out and be cuddled.
why can I not stop watching? too cute.
hehe, " I really hate you right now." Says the Hedgehog.
That is just plain mean! What purpose did that serve!
Piccachu errr hedgehog I choose you. Damn where did that hedge hog go. 
I didn't know that hedgehogs were domesticated.  And, indeed, the internets tell me that it is illegal to have a hedgehog pet in California, so don't get any ideas!
The horizon is much further away than it seems.
But then again, Feng Shui is nonsense.
Kass iE
the poor thing is trying to escape the torturous bath l <
Feng Shui is awesome. Don't knock it if you don't do it or we will make you run in the little sink of soapy water :P
+Blade Lefusyn it's awesome, for it's practitioners want to make money, not much else. If it works they can go take the James Randi challenge and make themselves an easy million dollars.

+Cat MacKinnon ok that is harder to argue with in this case, thought would have to come up with an objective scale of cuteness, maybe international 'SQUEE' units? :)
Lol workout while bathing XD Kinda like swimming! lol
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