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The most predictable game of rock/paper/scissors ever.
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oh wow... nd his shorts r too short...
Apparently, the bill from Schoolhouse Rock, The Lizard, and Spock already got bored and left.
...Unless there's a strict no eye gouging rule in rock paper scissors these days
Good to see Edward Scissorhands taking some time off from his proctology practice.
Now get Yomiko the Paper, Spock, and the Lizard in there! ;>

Aahh, Geek humor, love it
so I'm guessing Spock will always win this battle... :P
Will L
you know what? I'm not even gonna say anything -____-
jeje sin duda un solo ganador
Adam PK
+aman kooner Edward scissor hands and the action guys is made of rocks rock scissors shoot?
lol ! i have started gettin mad !
love edward.  The Burton-Depp duo make for some great films.
Whoo ill take the both of them I like the short I want a pair white
Batman could beat rock with scissors; if he had time to plan.
Bri Boo
aww poor edward...
...nah ... Edward has Kim on his side...
-She will distract the hunk of rock while Edward slowly chips away.....
+tricia chin
Na, Ed is surely not Emo.
It's a Tim Burton movie, so he is most certainly true Goth!
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