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Hangout with +Felicia Day this Sunday!

On April 1st (NO, this is not a joke) from 10am-10pm pst, Felicia will be hosting a 12 Hour LIVE Subscription Drive for our big channel launch! Join us for sneak peeks, guest stars doing wild and wacky things, and PLENTY of S(H)WAG!!!

We want to hangout with all of YOU! We'll be crowd-sourcing a live web-tv pilot and performing live too!

For more information, visit

See you at the Hangout!
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I look forward to it! I'll tell my friends about the channel, too! (Only one week!)
When you are approaching the end of the hang out and are really tired and sweaty like one of those telethon presenters, can you do that thing that James Brown does where a guy comes and throws a towel over you and you start to limp off stage, but then you throw it off at last minute and run back on and start yelling again?
I can't promise all 12 hours Felicia but I will do what I can to be there for this Hangout
Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! I have a family function on Sunday. Now I'm going to miss all the s(h)wag. It seems that I'm the April fool this year... :( Any chance you can move it to Saturday? :)
One question is this starting 10 am eastern or pacific?
What's with the floating head?! Oh, sorry, she does have a green top on... :-)
Woo! The site has barely launched and you are already launching a program of tele-thon proportions to support it??? ;)
Aw man, I'm gonna be performing all day that day. Hope you do this again sometime!
lol oh man... 12 hours?! You're a trooper, Felicia. Hope it's fun!
i'll be there the whole 12 hours too so see you all there
I will be there to support you Felicia and all of the awesome people that are doing Geek & Sundry with you.
Lovely idea! But we need international time zones hours! :D
For those in the CEST (CET) the hangout will start 01/04/12 - 19:00 and finish 02/04/12 - 07:00. ;)
Awesome ...just have to check the time difference o.o
I will SO be there. Taking an "in the house" day to hang out with my most fave geeky peoples! I am SO flippin' excited for this :)
Omg omg omg!! I've got this HUGE Lan Party at my college all week end :( I'll have to miss a day for sad... =D
+Rick Coyne Its easy, Sunday morning She will start the hangout and it will show up on your Feed from her. Easy Peasy to watch Live.
I'll drop in if I can; Sunday is kinda my chill out day where I tend to stay away from Hangouts for once given how many I do a week. Besides, #WinterIsComing .
This sounds great and it's the perfect day to do something like this! I have 2 questions: 1. Does "subscription" mean we'll have to pay, or is it just signing up for a newsletter and YouTube subscription? 2. Will the hangout be family-friendly? can I watch it with my kids in the room? I'm looking forward to learning more!
Gah! the subscribe button on the main page doesn’t seem to work with Chrome… Neither does enter to submit or pushing enter or space while the submit button is active… Must subscribe to awesomeness!
@ Matthew Potter... it worked fine for me and I use Chrome :)
Tina C
Excited to check this out! I love your work
Did you guys go insane, 10 hours... ? I know Toby (Tobi-Wan) can do that at playDotA, but wow, that's a tough quest.
WAAAAIT A MINUTE, it's daylight savings time, yet they say pacific STANDARD time when announcing the time block. so does this really mean it's from 11 am to 11 pm pacific time? i hope my theory is correct. better plan to check at noon (i go by US central daylight time) to b sure.
I am working that day from 11 am to 10 pm.......this makes me sad because I really wanted some S(h)wag.... :(
Looks like the submit button isn't working for the mail list form on the bottom left of the page...Could be me so can someone else check?
ah, yes. the link for the subscription drive on the main site resolves the conflict. says 10 am to 10 pm pacific DAYLIGHT time. therefore i now know i should "get over here" b4 noon that day (i'm in the us central time zone). thanx!
I'll be there on the hangout, whilst also watching Triple H end the streak...
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