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Space Janitors is here!! Darn rebels.. why don't they ever shoot at us? Watch it here: Space Janitors - Episode 1: Space Janitors
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Hooray! Finally a second scripted series (like The Guild) on Geek & Sundry
Awesome! I loved this series when it was on the Escapist! Looking forward to some new stuff as well as re-watching the originals!
Interesting but I like it
I wish it was a bit longer.  I just want more.
It's a good series. I really enjoyed this when it first aired on the Escapist. Any news on a 2nd season?
Ready for soylent????? Wow there's a subtle one.
We'll have a second season here on G&S! It's in pre-production right now!
Really?  Funny?  I couldn't even crack a smile, and I really wanted to!  Ripping off other franchises (Star Wars, Space Quest) might be OK if you do it well and add something new... but this really didn't do either.  Nice try guys, but you'd be much better off doing something original.  Pretty bad IMHO.  
hahahha F that guy, that was hilarious.  I loved it.
Laughed my Darkside off!  Started w/ this one, then watched the next 3.  Cant wait for Episode 5!
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