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what about other hosts of G&S shows?
I would love to see a TableTop episode with the all of the Vaginal Fantasy ladies :) And maybe the Gamestation podcast crew?
Neil Patrick Harris is a table top gamer as is Rich Sommer. I also heard that Jorge Garcia likes to play games.

Those three would make for a kick ass episode, I would think.
Someone brought up Chris Perkins' name online. He'd be a great guest, and he and Wil have some "history". #acidpit
I adored the presence of Steve Jackson himself in the Munchkin episode. More game designers please!
I'd love if by act of god you could get some of the TNG cast members to do an episode. I know that it would probably be impossible but i can dream right?
They could all play poker for charity as a side thing. Like the final episode (but include Wil this time). The whole cast I am not sure as there seems to be the standard of 4 player games. This also suggests that they couldn't play poker.
The Vlogbrothers! John and Hank Green would be awesome for an episode.
I second the vlogbrothers. You would get a massive audience influx if you got them on the show. They started vidcon afterall.
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