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Drop the beat Mr. President...
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Better than the bombs he's dropping with drones
+Pierce Johnson Since WW2 the only president not to drop bombs was Gerald Rudolph Ford, albeit a new method of the old madness.
How many former presidents dropped targeted missiles on US citizens and US citizen minors? The fact that we've been bombing people for decades is not a worthy response to the objection of bombing people now.
+Marty Connell , if I had to guess I think it may have something to do with the relationship G&S has with Youtube i.e., they are funded by them. Looks like Youtube cut a deal with the Whitehouse and then probably asked their affiliates for assistance in spreading publicity.
I would stay out of politics, you make half the people mad no matter what you do. Great way to loose your fans.
I think this has more to do with the dubstep "remix"ing than the content of the address. Calm down, G&S fans. Still, I think David has good advice...even if you aren't expressly endorsing or condemning anything, you're likely to get a strongly emotional response from anything involving politics these days.

I mean....if you feel strongly about it and want to make a statement/take a stand, fine...know what you're getting into first, but fine. If you just want to highlight some lolworthy happenings, perhaps avoid things like this, just to be safe.

Does it suck that this is the country we live in now? Where people can't just laugh at something funny because it has politicians in it? Yeah. It sure does.
"strongly emotional response" Yah that was me, sorry guys for the flame.
Grahme, for my part I refuse to be offended :)
I hadn't actually watched the video until just now, and my response was appropriate. This video was promoting propaganda. I saw the word immigrants mentioned, but I doubt he mentioned he's deported more people than any other president.

So no, I cannot laugh at material designed to deceive and not bring attention to our shortcomings and societal oversights.

If you think it sucks being in a county where we can't all laugh at politicians, try being in a country where you can't laugh because you've been blown up for no apparent reason by politicians thousands of miles away
Pierce: you misunderstand me entirely. It's fine to be upset (or not) at the President or any other politician. I'm just saying that there's no real call to be upset at Geek&Sundry. They didn't link this video because of any of the political content, simply because the autotune/remixing of it made them laugh. Ignoring any of what is being said, that aspect is amusing, and I see no reason why one cannot enjoy the humor of this rendition as a separate thing from how they felt about the actual address. G&S is not endorsing or condemning any political view or policy with this link, just trying to share a funny music video. 
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