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We know you've been missing TableTop! Watch our TableTop hangout with +Wil Wheaton this Sunday! RSVP here to get a notice when the link is ready to watch on YouTube.
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2 in the morning? No GMT love :(
Don't worry if you can't be there live, the show will be up later to watch!
I'll try to stay awake, 3 in the morning CET though :)
Record it and Youtube it for those of us who can't make it!
Wish I could go, have other plans this Sunday...
The hangout will be available for viewing after it's finished airing! So even if you can't go you can still watch!
Just a note, you're competing with the Survivor finale...
I hope I can! It will be three in the morning i Sweden.... =/ 
Just a note, TableTop should demolish Survivor among those with 80+ IQ's.
I'm gonna watch the crap outta this on the way to work!!!
Thanks to a strict IT department, I won't be watching [at work].  Wait, I think an illness is coming on...
Aw, I missed it :( and I think if I'd known about it I could probably have caught at least a bit of it. Oh well, to YouTube!
You can watch the video back at the same link peoples!

Wil Wheaton - coolest step-dad ever.
Sad to be working through this. Is it archived?
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