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We know you've been missing TableTop! Watch our TableTop hangout with +Wil Wheaton this Sunday! RSVP here to get a notice when the link is ready to watch on YouTube.
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We know you've been missing TableTop during it's hiatus, so Wil is going to be on our channel hanging out and answering questions. If you RSVP here you'll get the link to watch it live once it starts (through Google+ notices).
Google+ Hangout With Wil!
Sun, December 16, 2012, 9:00 PM

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2 in the morning? No GMT love :(
Don't worry if you can't be there live, the show will be up later to watch!
I'll try to stay awake, 3 in the morning CET though :)
Record it and Youtube it for those of us who can't make it!
Wish I could go, have other plans this Sunday...
The hangout will be available for viewing after it's finished airing! So even if you can't go you can still watch!
Just a note, you're competing with the Survivor finale...
I hope I can! It will be three in the morning i Sweden.... =/ 
Just a note, TableTop should demolish Survivor among those with 80+ IQ's.
I'm gonna watch the crap outta this on the way to work!!!
Thanks to a strict IT department, I won't be watching [at work].  Wait, I think an illness is coming on...
Aw, I missed it :( and I think if I'd known about it I could probably have caught at least a bit of it. Oh well, to YouTube!
You can watch the video back at the same link peoples!

Wil Wheaton - coolest step-dad ever.
Sad to be working through this. Is it archived?
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