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Learn all about that sticker on trashcans, a bit about Dennis and more when the Space Janitors answer your comments and questions!
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ReBoot - The first CGI animated cartoon series. Popular in Canada and first aired by TYV (and a few others).

... and yes they did wear virtual boots, although I don't think that was an important part of the cartoon. Most Canadian geeks over 25 will know what reboot is.
And since it was the first computer animated cartoon produced, shame on the rest of the geeks who don't know.
I loved that show (we got it on Maine PBS).  Hexadecimal was awesome.
I worked in the new media department at YTV as a contractor around 1997 and I remember a lot of excitement around the office when the new season came out. It was a pretty big deal and we'd all cluster around the stations internal TV network and watch it direct from the satellite downlink.
My question is: has ANYONE pointed out that Darby sure does look like Rory's long-lost brother from Doctor Who. (Hey, that would make him an honorary Weasley by extension!)
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