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In honor of National Dice Day here's a classic episode of TableTop (get it.. "classic" and we haven't even finished the first season... WHATEVER)
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um...I feels that this post is missing something...
So, I now own Munchkin Deluxe (with the Guild booster set), Gloom, Dixit, StarFluxx, have Zombie Dice on order, and have Pandemic on my Secret Santa Wish List (and that doesn't count the games I bought to give as gifts). Thanks +Geek & Sundry +TableTop and +Wil Wheaton 
Bugger the old episodes. Show me new ones already!
This was my third favorite episode behind "The Dairy of Dr Hannah" and "Munchkin Foo" lol if only 'cuse of the second and third games. 
I bought all the games on this episode. The whole family loves Tsuro!
Thanks +Wil Wheaton , My kids are addicted to Table Top AND... they want Zombie Dice and Dixit now!
Zombie dice are awesome! But I am a d&d 3.5 kinda guy
Ryan Higa is a witch, you guys. It's the only thing that makes sense.
He definitely had some crazy luck on his side. 
+Jadene Mayla It's great. Takes no time at all to set up, play, and take down. I find it perfect when waiting on those players that are perpetually late to D&D games... :)
Just bought Tsuro a few weeks ago, it is fun, and easy... yet still makes you think!
Bought Tsuro after watching the show when it was first released ( newfangled talk for oldtimey "aired" )
Turned out it's the perfect game for six year old girls. My twins can't get enough of it :)
Thanks a lot for Tabletop, Wil Wheaton!
I played 2 rounds of zombie dice. 1 roll each round. 1 shot on each dice.

I make a terrible zombie.
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