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The Flog goes to Australia! 
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28 comments Did you actually go to Australia with Morena Baccarin, Felicia... or was she stalking you? ;)
Wht about the Land of the Long White Cloud? (New Zealand) 
Say hi to Seth Green for me. What, didn't you say you were going to visit Oz?
I think that might just be the most accurate description of Vegemite that I've ever heard.
Koala are the coolest!! Been one of my favorite animals since I was a baby! >_>
Oh and hey! Ep 32 on my birthday YEAH!!
Is that Morena Baccarin in the background of half these shots?
Srsly that did look like Morena
Did they warn you of the dangers of kangaroos and koalas?  They both can do some serious damage!  Just a quick risk assessment there!  
Actually its the drop-bears you need to look out for.
Danny S
Woo... I'm in this at 0:25 with my Guildies :)

Yes, it was Morena Baccarin, she was also at the Supanova Expos in Brisbane and Adelaide with Felicia and many other guests. Considering it was the Supanova guys who brought the guests out here, that's why they didn't really go anywhere else apart from Brisbane and Adelaide (at least in Felicia & Brit's case. I think Morena spent some time at Port Douglas, and Billy West & John DiMaggio had an event in Sydney, etc...)
Oh, +Felicia Day , i really wanted to see you play a didgeridoo...
 Also, you should drink your coffee, tea, and/or Butterscotch schnapps through a tim-tam... if you didn't, you have to go back.
Danny S
+Philip Lewis I definitely know Tim Tams were consumed (whether slammed or not, I don't know). Felicia had a packet on her signing desk in Adelaide, and I gave her a packet of gluten-free Tim Tam equivalents for Brit (who appreciated them too). They were having dinner/Tim Tam tea with some of the authors at the Con, some of whom are Aussies, so perhaps the Tim Tam slam was trialled?
 +Danny S, I'm glad she got to try them.
 +Dale Baldwin The person that I've mostly seen play is a woman. i didn't know about the gender taboo... reading the Wikipedia now for extra info. ;)  
Was that Morena Baccarin behind Felicia on the boat and at the Koala preserve?
When I met Australians, they taught me the word Bogan too. I mean, we're practically the same person now, right?
wait, wait is Morena Baccarin behind Felicia when she speaks about "that animal" and the purse?
It's such a long flight - you should have come to Sydney while you were here. I could have introduced you to the biggest Auzzie bogan I know and you could have been talking like a local in no time :)
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