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Just another typical day in the Geek & Sundry office...
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If you tell me the person with the horse head mask on is +Wil Wheaton this will become my favorite video of all time.  (p.s. doesn't have to be true, just convincing)
Is that Bad Horse's delinquent youngest cousin?
i seriously have no idea what this meme is, but i'm starting to find them pretty funny.
don't know why
I refuse to acknowledge this meme.
Why do I get the impression that the dress code at G&S requires that everyone have an extra costume they can change into?
Unbad this is. I hope no one was seriously hurt in the making of this video.
Just had to say, Caramelldansen ftw.
Conclusion: a horse head mask might make my day at work better. :P
Archie McPhee's rocks. I need a chicken mask. 
Sure are a lot of attractive geeks there. Damn you California, stop taking them all!
Did someone eat some "special" brownies? XD
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