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What games have you been playing because you saw them on TableTop?
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All of them. Literally. All. Of. Them.
Fiasco, Gloom and Dixit, though we'd love to play them all.
Munchkins and Settlers of Catan. Smallworld is my next purchase!
Castle Panic, Last Night on Earth, and Small World. I also bought Cthulhu Gloom having seen the Gloom episode, but it turns out my wife doesn't like that one so I'm not sure we'll ever play it again...
Almost all of them, with the exception of the zombie dice episode.
Started playing Ticket to Ride on iPad and got Zombie Dice and the expansion. Also going to meet up with another couple to play Munchkin. 
Ordered tsuro, and forbidden island. FI wasn't on Tabletop, but it was mentioned on the Pandemic episode
We bought Settlers of Catan (+expansions), Munchkin (+expansions), Zombie Dice, Star Fluxx, and our favourite at the moment... Ticket to Ride. I believe next on our "to buy" list is Gloom.
I bought Gloom for my daughter, bought Tsuro, my son bought me Zombie Dice
Got Munchkin and Smallworld for my birthday, best birthday ever!
Dixit. We have played it more times than I can probably remember. We bought it because of the show, even bought one for a wedding gift before we ever got a chance to play it because the show made us fall in love with it so much.
Bought Tsuro and Cthulu Gloom as a result of seeing the TableTop episodes. Some I already had e.g Pandemic, Catan, Ticket to Ride Europe
Have played eleven of the eighteen games featured so far but the rest aren't my thing or wouldn't work with my family or gamer friends so I am hoping TableTop will unearth something new (to me) soon
Alhambra, Tsuro, Dixit and Star Fluxx. Not bad I guess. I think before TableTop I was in the Clue and Scrabble routine, with some Rummikub and Uno once in a while. Now we have at least a few nights where we play Tsuro and a weekly game night at our place. Apples to Apples seems to be the family favorite lately.
Got Deluxe Munchkin + The Guild expansion  Going to be playing it for the first time Saturday with 4 others. 
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