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The name of the game, Pakkuman, was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia, “paku-paku,” which describes the sound of eating, similar to the English word “chomp.” As the game was brought to market, the title morphed into Puck Man.

But when Puck Man made his way to North America there was concern that the arcade cabinets would be vandalized by making the P into an F to spell something entirely different. A compromise was reached and the game became known as Pac-Man instead. Thanks to the American marketing machine, the name Pac-Man was eventually adopted for the game all over the world.

- Scott Pilgrim?
That's a fun article. Thanks for the share. The stories are great.
Q*Bert and Donkey Kong are two of my all time favourites.......I did always wonder why there were no Donkeys in DK :)
#1 sounds like it was lifted directly from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
i won in that game and finished levels
hey have you played PACXON i got to level 8 or 10
But good grief, did they have to use a screenshot from the cruddy Atari version of Pac-man?
Did anybody else already know the pac-man one from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world?
+Jason Brabander That's the Atari 5200 version. I used to have that cartridge; only thing wrong with it's the cruddy 5200 controller. The 2600 version's the bad one. Alas, I used to have that too...
I already knew it from being old.  That happened long before Scott Pilgrim.
Dang it, Brian. Now I feel old, too.
That makes things so much more complicated,like the halo story the best
Cool stuff...remember when the tabletop versions came out. Pocket full of quarters.
Super Mario is mi flav
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