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Someone sent the University of Chicago a package for Indiana Jones! 
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Indy 5 pre-promotions stunt.... I'll bet there are clues in the book to lead to more information. I'd love to get a look at the whole thing! 
Matt H
+Clinton Hammond -- if that were the case, then why the journal that stems directly from Raiders?  The photos of Marion Ravenwood?  Unless they're doing a prequel that's a direct link to the first movie (i.e., how Indy and Marion met)?   
That'd be exactly why +Matt Hydeman (not that I want to see any more Indiana Jones movies... 3 was enough... If they'd made any more I'm sure they would have been crap)

It'd be cool if it was pre-marketing for a good Indiana Jones game that was a prequel... Something that bridges the Young Indy To Temple Of Doom gap.... That would be the right time frame for him meeting Marion and Abner.

This is all, of course WILD speculation.... as I can ONLY find news about this on G&S, my other pet theory is that +Wil Wheaton cooked it up and is currently giggling his bum off! ;-) 
I hope it stays a mystery forever
Raiders, Temple, Crusade.... But there were some really good episodes of Young Indy on tv.... Maybe that's what you're thinking of +Mark Loftin :-) 
Mark L.
What about Crystal Skulls +Clinton Hammond ? I know lots of people want to forget that one... ;-)
The crystal skulls movie was a dream sequence. While Indy was under the influence of the drugs in the Temple of Doom. Didn't happen... it was a bad dream. Good thing he snapped out of it in time to save the world during the Last Crusade. 
Matt H
Well, that's certainly a plausible one, +Joshua Certain but I sort of liked the whole "Indy in the '50s" framework.  Couldn't we retain that and ditch the other stuff (his marriage to Marion excepted?  Can you imagine those two on adventures?)
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