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Okay this is pretty darn amazing.
I want a 1:6 scale model of Zaboo to go with it :P
I have rewritten my comment about six times but each time it just sounds ... wrong. So I am going to just say that the quality of the workmanship looks really impressive and keep it at that. :-p
Oh, my.  +Felicia Day, how does it feel to be immortalized in sculpture?

(The Penny figure doesn't count because it is not nearly as accurate)
The breasts seem a little out of proportion and legs are larger as well so it's not very accurate but I guess it's better than nothing. 
Codex is the leader of the knights of good now?
I'm a little behind on season 6, but that is either a major spoiler... Which needed alerting, or an error, which is poor practice When advertising to this particular market...
So getting this. Once I the money. Awesome
Almost as cute as the real Felicia!

+Babs-Merel de Visser 
Actuallly I think that's a mistake. To my knowledge Vork is still their leader
OK that's actually kind of creepy. Sorry.
Please send me info on life size version. 
I am worried that if left alone it would "attack" my Hermonie doll.
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