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This makes me happy. Now I don't have to drink alone.
I have really been looking forward to this - thank you!
This is my new favorite game in the Table Top series.
RPGs are so much better when you play with people that are there to play. This is well done. :) So enjoyable to watch. 
What I like most about this show is that it's pretty much what I view as a typical RPG session.  No real 'I'm an Actor' crap going on.  They are using normal language, goofing off a bit talking strategy a bit.  Just regular gaming, at least as I'm used to.  So yeah this to me is a good example of standard gaming.  
My ONLY issue is that they said the adventure would be available for download and I can't find it!
How cool would it be if the same team made a two-part sessions like this in every season of the show? Same characters with new adventures (and next time with +Felicia Day  added to the game)...
I'd much rather see them do a different rpg each time.
I feel like I've been waiting forever for this. :D
Rock Armor!!! I cannot wait!!!
Rock armour comes from dead rock lobsters
what a great Valentines present!  Thank you!  Great episode!
Please, please play more RPGs on Tabletop!
There is a part 2?
I didn't even make it through part 1, so I won't bother with this one.
RPGs obviously aren't for me if a bunch of interesting people can't make it interesting to me.
Not the climactic ending I was hoping for, but still fun to watch. =)
Not sure about the end. But I think we have to see this from a GM PoV. If we think about this as a first mission for a new party, its both an excelent introduction to the game and the ending opens for some good loot and a new mission. Without whiping out the entire party in a "end boss" fight. So yeah, I see what the GM did here. Anyway: Still better than my VD dinner. :) 
I wouldn't agree with Cobalt Blue - I loved the D&D series that the Penny Arcade and Robot Chicken guys did and I thought the Tabletop Fiasco was great, I haven't had time to watch the Dragon Age vids yet but I am looking forward to it :)
Really hope you make some more episodes...
Would love to see the entire 6hrs uncut/unedited.
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