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It's a little overcast in LA today, but we don't have anything on Tokyo! #totoro  
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Just as long as he doesn't start jumping. There's been enough geological instability in that region.
That's London. You can tell that by the red line painted down the gutter. In fact unless I'm very wrong that's just behind Buckingham Palace. I recognise the railings.
Someone needs to get him a larger umbrella.
That's not Tokyo, it's somewhere in London. Probably near Richmod or Kew Gardens.
Would be great if the bus pulled up and it had a door just for him.
+Matt Rogerson Wow, that was quick!
Ahh, it's the back of Buckingham Palace, I knew I recognized that road.
The really sad thing here is that I had to look at the picture twice before I even saw Totoro standing there...
If I pushed him over would he roll? I haven't had the time to sit down and watch all of the Studio Ghibli films, yet. And, this is on the to watch list. Awesome cosplay, I wonder if they made the costume?
don't care if it's photoshopped. totoro is the bomb! whoever made/took this photo is my best unknown friend. Although, Japan still wins for making a life size cat bus you can get in. Love those freaks
Yo cousin Bobby - what you doing in Tokyo...???????
OH MY GOD.. that you?!?!?
oh i think thats my dad or is it?
Cool - my neighbor is in this photo; I like how he's always smiling.
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!Totoro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have the theme song stuck in my head <3
This just really made me laugh for some reason
Too bad they don't have the two small girls.
why does that big mouse need an umbrella? the guy under the costume culd just use the suit as the umbrella O.o. then again i guess hed get in trouble from his mom if he got it all wet
nek minnet he shakes his umbrella...
I love it!  A wonderful tribute to a great scene from my most favorite anime of all time!
If all Disney Parks had BIG, Medium, and little Totoro walking around the parks, I'm sure they'd be packed throughout the whole year.
So that's he ran off to. Guess it was too hot for him in the Bay, lol.
I got totoro along with my fiance's name in japenese tattoo'd on my arm. He's doing the same pose as the Studio Ghibli logo
would be great if the cat bus pulled over... :)
i would love to have it just to mess with people
Favorite movie for my daughter and I :  )
what is that giant thing holding umbrella in the back?
do the people notice it ?
Yea whats that guinea pig thing in the back??
that is my neighbor totoro!!!
People are crazy, who knows what the guy is doing in there!
+mikayla lopaz, it's perfectly normal if you know the scene from the anime My Neighbor Totoro although admittedly it is kind of weird when Catbus shows up at the bus stop.  
ha i would die laughing if i saw that lol
That drawing has leaked IRL.
I believe her conscience is following her. lol 
i just re-watched totoro on vhs the other day i grew up watching that movie love this pic
Coincidentally, I just painted Totoro the other day and now he's hanging on my wall. ^^
How often does the Nekobus come??
I'm sure they have photoshop...
Oh is that for real? Wish I was there.
What the ** is that giant thing. 0_0. well, there are alot of people in japan runing around in random costumes, no offense.
i like the bus stand very much
Only thing missing is a cat bus. Please tell me there was a cat bus. 
i wonder where the cat but is
TOTORO IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG I'm nerding out to tottoro right now
hahhahahaha he is the one going to get wet
Zomg a totoro!!!! I wanna hug it and squeeze it!!!!!
Sam P
Hey, that's my neighbor!!!
That is one of my FAVORITE movies!!!! SO CUTE!!! Did he scare anyone behind???
That's so creepy!!!!😳😳😳😳
I remember watching my neighbor totoro in my childhood. I forgot about it until I saw him in toy story 3. Man my eyes lit up in nostalgia. I quickly looked upnthe character and the movie afterwards. My neighbor totoro was even better than I remembered.
Is he going to throw himself into a huge dryer? I am wondering.
Haha! Nice! He/she needs a bigger umbrella!
that's excellent. totoro loves the rain though.
Now that made me smile. And  where's that Totoro backpack I've got hidden away?
that's so awesome!!! why those 6 ppl are not animated?
I +1-ed this completely for the random monster standing behind everyone!
LOL Totoro Is waiting for the bus!!
Needs a bigger umbrella I think... His butt is getting wet.....:)
I love how everyone else is so totally unfazed.
there is an odd one in thr group?
I like that fat  monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my favorite character
Just watched the dvd with my boys!
i <3 Totoro!! and its my bro's fav movie! =D
I love how barely anyone is even looking at him (totoro)
totoro waiting for the bus, as in the movie
I bet she/he (whoever it is in that costume) didn't catch a cold ... :-)
Lol that's not even Tokyo. Cute photo though! 
The umbrella protects him and he protects me!
TOTOROOOO!!! where can i get one? haha
in June ! for Los Angeles.
The next shot: Bus-cat arrives at station. People get in. Then it takes off and flies to the next station.
Amazing! I love how all the other people waiting at the bus stop are just nonchalantly looking on unconcerned by the presence of a giant Totoro!
Seriously guys, as you've been told by others, that's London. Please edit your damned post.
it dosent look like that big puppet thing is even holding the umbrella i think its stuck on and look at them people just chillin with no umbrella or coat
That looks like London to me. TFL map, bus ticket machine and line markings on the wrong side of the road, wet and grey. Normal thing to see someone dressed as a penguin our whatever in London :-)
Cu Lu
so funny and cute ..wonder what those people around thinking ????
The Bus Stop is on Grosvenor Place (A302) London, the wall behind is the back garden of Buckingham Palace.
This is 100% London! You can tell by the road markings, the bus stop on Grosvenor Place, the barbed wire protecting Bucking Palace Gardens and the typical London WEATHER!!!
For those who say it's London, it's not. It is in fact in Tokyo, near the Ghibli museum. I've personally been there. That fencing that is behind them is part of a zoo right around the corner. I've been there. :) very fun
Jay Tee of all Ghibli movies!!!
"To-to-ro? You're Totoro!... I bet you're Totoro..."
--Mei Kusakabe
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