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Valentine's Day is RIGHT around the corner...
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Just 3 days until Super Cheap Chocolate Day!
Erik Jaros
I'm surprised there's not a Golum - "My own, my lovvve, my preciousssssss!"
I always knew the Mouth of Sauron had a tender side.
What is it suppost to mean its just boys from movies on pink paper not much
Gimli acts all tough and brawny, but he's the biggest sap, even in the books. Friggin' drama dwarfs, man.
"I love you more than my second breakfast."
please show love to everyone even your enemies so that they can feel appreciated. 
Love Lord of the Rings Valentines! Gave these to all my friends! <3
Gollum: I love you, my precioussssssss!
i like gandalfs and boromir's
Love r you willing to die for love,not much point for you but an ego trip for me ,the trouble is then ,IM going to have to find another,and when he makes the extreme sacrifice,another and another,IM going to end up an old maid
What movie did it came from the one that says, "one does not simply stop loving u"?
:) i uv lord of the rings call me a nerd but the books are way better than the movies
Only one problem,there is a love story in the Lord of the Rings that Peter Jackson left out!
man where is legolas! and aragorn they r like the main charaters along with smeagol and pippin!
They need an Eye of Sauron card with  an "Eye <3 You" sentiment or something.
Can I have Brad Pitt, dressed like he was in Troy? 
the last one is probably the best...........
I read these all in the characters' voices. NERD AND PROUD!
Helen D
Valentines day = overrated. Why not give your woman flowers every day/week? Because flowers are so insanely expensive on Valentinea day that you have to save up all year for that 1 bunch on 14th of February??? 
Helen D
No. I'm sorry.
If somebody gave me and of these, I would love them FOREVER!!!
Hahahaha I like the Gimlee one

In Christ's Service, Ted Schroeders II
Mhmmm <3
Hey, at least now I'm getting the names right ;)

In Christ's Service, Ted Schroeders II
Yeah! And to think last year, you had no idea who any of these people were! :D
I find Merry's especially touching, especially since he keeps having to give Pippin his leaf...
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