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"Syrinscape's user interface is intuitive and pretty, and it uses a surprisingly low amount of resources, so it doesn’t lag my middle-of-the-line laptop at all. The app has an excellent response time—clicking into a new soundscape gradually fades out the old one and swiftly fades in the new without any jagged transitions."
The sound of rushing wind in your ears rings like the peal of a bell. Your head strikes the earth as the roar of the dragon flying overhead turns your bones to jelly—and when you awaken, all that remains of the village is the faint crackling of burning timbers and the crowing of buzzards. You could describe this to your players… or you could let them experience it firsthand. Enter Syrinscape, a digital soundboard with hundreds of sound effects, a...
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Great concept and great sound effects! Having checked it out however, It costs $10/month ($120/Year)... which is more per month than what I spend on Netflix. That being said, you can just get fantasy or just sci-fi sounds for $7/month. Honestly, this is way too much still for something I'll only be using once per week. Looking forward to this becoming more available to those with a less money soon.
It is a bit expensive for only small soundtracks to enhance it, it's a great idea but a tad overpriced. though I think owning the previous tracks permanently seems to somewhat make it up
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