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Happy Boxing Day! What's Boxing Day you say?
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In America, we "celebrate" Boxing Day by "boxing up" all the presents we didn't actually want and returning them to the store. :-)
I don't do Boxing Day. It's not worth fighting in crowds to save $5 on some crap I wouldn't have bought anyway. 
John F
Boxing Day in UK is a 'Sports' day...
Kill a fox with a pack of dogs.... For some.
Even if it is now illegal.
Pretty sad?
Others are out on a buying spree/frenzy.
According to the 'media'.
I need a couch (don't have one).

Therefore... Boxing Day sales = WIN!
Ben Zuo
Boxing day is great, I'm surprised america hasnt caught on yet
John F
America needs to catch up on lots of stuff IMHO.
Starting with 'don't make war on ideas'.
You can't win that one.
Drones kill (mostly innocent) people, not ideas.
That's quite obvious when you think about it.
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