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That was interesting. You think it's going to be all comedy, but it's really three guys exploring their feelings through gaming.
They skipped over the gender bias part of "Loved".

Now if you play as a MAN, it calls you a girl.  If you become it's slave it calls you a woman.  The inverse happens when playing as a WOMAN.

If someone insults me by calling me a girl, then they usually mean I'm wimping out or acting cowardly, right?  Becoming their woman implies homosexual domination.  I can't see a female calling her male lover her "woman".  Sean Plott had the same reaction.  

A guy calling a female a 'boy' usually slang for flat-chested, overly aggressive, athletic, or 'one of the guys'.  Becoming their man implies a leadership role or sugar daddy relationship to me.  

Female to Female, the term "boy" to me means gang solidarity or supportive friendship.  Not a slave.  
+Davin Perry Absolutely. It was about as subtle as a flasher on the hottest day of summer. It could be said they skipped over volumes of possible commentary. 
I have an alternate theory about the meaning of "Judith".  It reminded me of   #theshining   in setting and "Dream House" with #danielcraig     story-wise.  

1) Jeff is schizophrenic and "Bluebeard" is his murderous alternate personality.  "Bluebeard" locked Emily in the dungeon and was going to kill her just like Judith. 
I think Loved could get a AAA budget if Bioshock is any indication.
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