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Robin and Felicia make some awesome Lakers-inspired treats!
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What Have You Done For Me Lately Pie?
I agree with Robin that fruit infused with tequila is a whole other party. It's a party within a party within a party...anyway. It's definitely a titillating taste bud party in one's mouth! Yeah. UNF!
Lakers suck. Felicia and Robin dont ... :)
Ok, I just read the news from the G&S forums. TableTop is going on hiatus after the Star Flux gag reel? You do realize you are killing us, right?
I just saw about TableTop :( right when we finally get to the Dodger episode too? What are you doing to us G&S...
+renato casanova I've been a Clippers fan in LA since like 2007-2008, and I can say the last couple of years have changed everything because of Blake Griffin and CP3! 
+Michael Adkins they posted it on the G&S blog and they tweeted about it I think, but they did just send out an email as well.

On a more related note I finally watched this Flog ep, so excited for Felicia to come to Australia! I really want to make some of those foods they did but I know I'll just never get around to it, laziness always wins.
Everyone outside of LA is filled with loathing 
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