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It's dangerous to go alone...Star Trek edition!
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This one nailed it. Huge FTW !
This is my favorite edition...
I always take two. That way if one dies on the way down I still have a spare to check for transporter accidents on the way back.
i will take all of them but kill myself
One?  Are you sure that will be enough?
I've cheated death. I've tricked my way out of death and patted myself on the back for my ingenuity. -- Kirk
Where dangerous to go alone?Jupiter, Mars, Venus or Saturnus!
+eric susch  Ha!  This poster gives that quote a much more sinister meaning. 
I wonder if anyone knows the origination of the phrase or if got lost to videogame obscurity. Regardless, great gag.
David... It's what the Old Man tells Link when he gets the wooden sword in 1st Zelda game.
Make sure to take decoys and human shields.
always the guy in red............................always.
Who wants to be the first dead ensign?
in every movie the red guy dies. just watch the movies
Yeah, they keep them in a closet in Engineering.
I'll take a Work and a Data, please...
Hehehe... There's something on the wing!!!
Absolutely. One more thing for star trek to teach us. Let someone else take the hit. You can then step up ...... and get the girl :-)
I... like the way it stops when he... talks
Wow two things that one of which i know a lot about and one i Have never even seen
I always feel bad for the nameless rank-less person, cause you always know what happens. I like this picture.
Wow This is probably the most true thing i have ever heard!

If only we could go back in time, WS looked so cool back in the original ST days. 
Set phasers to "sexy".
One of those guys you never saw in any other episode - you knew he was a goner.
Frank T
The "..." between phrases ads to the "kirkiness"
I prefer the star war version "It's dangerous to solo, take a chewbacca with you".
The "red shirts" are always the ones that got killed. So Definitely take one along.
Okay, I'm definitely printing this up and posting it a few places around town... LOL
Never, ever put on a Red Shirt.....
Oh okay - getting there now - the planet has folded since Monday 6th - curiosity is changing everything
wow.. thats good @robin Frey
Gawd no. Zelda. + Star Trek= fail.

For me anyways.
A living legend he is a great man.
Tian He
Gee, why am I the only Asian that can't read mind? 
Sucks to be a red shirt ! i wonder what they tell them when they enlist ?
White people can read minds too, but don't try to get them to say they do, because they won't tell you they do.
Tyler,I hear what you're saying!Most people would'nt believe you but I know exactly where you are coming from,man.I have that problem(well,not a problem for me)& it gets very tiring for me,as the day goes on,trying to act nonchalant and all the things that go on in some people's heads-Well,I just want to laugh out loud.And Sometimes,I do and cannot stop(usually when tired) ....Guess what!??People look at Me,funny!!So...I stay at home a lot ,away from people,,,,,just with my 2cats.More Fun 'cause they have same ability that I have-works out great for us and more relaxing!!!!Sure glad that I caught your piece because I was'nt aware anyone else knew about this.¡!!!!
cannon fodder is what they are.... now where´s my red uniform?
The red shirts always die first!
Ok, there aren't many things that REALLY make me LOL when I'm alone.
(Thanks for this one.)
learn to spell brent , i thought geeks were smart !
I'd say take a few, you know one of them will die first.
" I'm giving giving you all she's got! I push her any harder she's gonna BLOW"
McCoy pretty much every show and movie starring the original cast"
+William Kenney Jr That was Scotty. McCoy always said "Damnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a [insert any other highly trained profession]" or "He's dead, Jim" (that last quote usually coming right after the episode's red shirt got killed)
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