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Have you seen our first music video from #LearningTown? In this show Paul & Storm take over a beloved children's show, and make a totally inappropriate "kids song."  #NotForKids
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I've fallen and I can't get up!
OMG...I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I can hardly wait to see the whole episode. 
Lets hope they don't have an "elmo" based character as well....
I cant wait for this show to happen :D it looks so fun :D
Hopefully the show will be more than dick and fart jokes.
another muppets show i'm in better than anything adult swim has concocted for thier next live action comedy go internet
Greg the Bunny gets canned and they make this crap?
If it says for kids, it's the Administrations sick idea of learning. Start watching what your kids watch, Commercials, Disney, Nick, Children Movies, and games. See how much propaganda you can pick up. It's amazing what is poured into our kids heads on television, and video games. Check out their school lessons as well.
And people wonder why I'd rather have my kids watch teen based anime rather that stupid spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents and my lil pony? I mean seriously, my little pony? Don't get me wrong! Its fine if others want to watch it, but I refuse to have my kids watch something THAT Sappy and sweet that they'd have to go to the dentist to have their eyes cleaned from the visual cavities they got from watching that tripe. I'd rather have them watch Genshiken, or Bakuman, Fruits Basket or such related visuals. 

People have such a negative view in some circles where it comes to this and anime but to me honest I think the japanese have it right when it comes to their visual entertainment on television. But the same can be said for the US as well. I'm all for sesame street and the electric company and all of that, but when stupid jokes are being shot Like bert and ernie and the whole elmo scandal and such it doesn't reflect well with parents or grandparents. 
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