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That's real love.
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Not so much "Real Love" but more "Real Like"
Is it free wifi that you had to go through a website gateway that says it will send you email offers? Hell, they better love me more than that. :)
Our local radio station once held a contest for best Valentine. The guy who won simply said: "I love you more than bacon."

It was weeks before listeners stopped calling in to accuse him of lying.
Free wifi is slow. A real compliment would be, "I love you more than illegally tethering my phone."
+Amy Gonzalez You don't know?  Seriously?  Haven't you ever read Joyce?  Watched The Sound of Music?  Made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs?  
I always like free WiFi provided it doesn't punt me...
Truth. It's what's for dinner.
Isaac F
You must love them
haha i would sounds likle something i would say
Does that mean there is alot of robot in u your truely a man of the new age---i like your springs and cogs and nuts and bolts i like the way you clunk i like the ways your brain work--the way your eyes go round in circules and coloured lights come out your nose ---what more can a girl want ---kiss me darling with a mouth full of steel teeth and reeking if oil
That's really funny. And I would so say that to my boyfriends if I really had the guts
Dont know about that free wifi is awesome
That's like comparing apples and bananas!
<3 but i love WiFi that's free :3
no offence, but that is stupid, wi-fi is a tech thing and i would give up that and all the money and tech in the world for the ones i love... including the people that are my friends but i love them in a friend way.... u kno wat i mean
hmmmm.... i'll think about this one first

hahahahahahahahaha!!! So funny and so true!!!
ha lol so funny might just go with fee wifi :D
they must really love this person, as a student I really love my wifi lol
I thot about that one, I have to disagree. I love free wifi much more!
love more than wifi....hmmm... will you give wifi
I pay for wifi I like my.wifi to be a little slutty lol
Oh, you like me THAT much? Is that possible? 
omg no way, who loves anything more than FREE WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha thats commitment! check me out plz ;) 
i wont love any thing more than my bfriend
Cant choose anything over my wife

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If it was free food then she really loves him.... Is food higher than wifi or the other way around?
no what can be better from free wifi
WOW! That is cute! Although free wifi isn't always a good thing. Lol
Facebook wait u r answer
Wow someone is comparing LOVE with w-fi!!!
That is really sad. 
When see this I hear the song "what is love" lol.
U'll never found the a such love!! Instead meet me half way I'll give u more than you expect "love"
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