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Any suggestions for games to play with a 10-year-old?
Do any of you ever play games without keeping score or without trying to win, just for the sheer fun of it?
Doing well is part of the fun. My first ex, her daughter, and myself played monopoly. Once. Mom refused to actaully try to win as then someone might lose. Eventually the daughter and I quit and refused to play with her ever again. 
+Anastacia Snovida, try "Star Fluxx".  The rules are very simple (at least at first), and it's filled with fun SF related humor.  My nerd family love it. :-)
+David Westbay Look for cooperative games; Flash Point comes to mind, there's a popular one with Zombies, but I cannot remember the name of it
+Anastacia Snovida  My 9yr daughter does well with Dominion . If you have your 10 yr is a boy, you can't go wrong with Castle Panic. And another good co-op game is Forbidden Island (the cheapest of these three, ironically enough).
+Anastacia Snovida - games my 11y-o enjoys tend to be quick-ish games with basic enough rules, and preferably more that can be added in later.  Examples include Munchkin, Dominion, Thunderstone, Fluxx, Gloom and similar ones.  Any Friendly Local Game Store should be able to help out.  Werewolves is great for kids' parties or get togethers, but you need at least 5.  (My too cool for school 14-y-o will even grace us with her presence when we're playing Werewolves!)
It is so great to hear behind-the-scenes of #TableTop. It's cool to hear how people help determine what games are good for TV and the overall production of the show.  I love board games, but it's always been difficult to find people that want to play them. This is one of the reasons why I love the show so much. Also, I have a (soon-to-be) three month old baby and I would love for her to enjoy games. I really feel like it adds a level of imagination and provides such a great opportunity to meet new people and have a lot of fun.  Thank you for this #parent episode!!
Always great to see Wil & Anne, even more so after their nerdfighter appearance. I've followed Wil forever, but that was...all the feels, and deeply appreciated. Oh, and Jane McGonigal, get well soon.
We bought Forbidden Island when it first came out (we've loved everything by Gamewright) and my now 11 & 15 yr old love it & often bring to family parties to play w/younger cousins & adults. Have given it as a gift to several families too. Gamewright just announced a 'sequel' to it - Forbidden Dessert.
I didn't know about Forbidden Desert! Will have to track that one down. For the quality of the pieces in the game, as well as the playability  as well as the price, Forbidden Island is great game all around, but especially for kids.
The game I was thinking of is Quarantine; like Forbidden Island too, but it has somewhat limited game-play mechanics. I like Castle Panic too
Gamewright just had a promo video for the desert one via their facebook site, looks good!
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