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Zombies and Christmas? We're so there.
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All I can think of when I hear this song is " would you like an apple pie with that..."
I just wasted 3 minutes of my life watching that stupid thing... ugh....
Yay! More morbid holiday videos please! I can't get enough. Also, I didn't actually SEE the zombies singing. :P 
+Aaron Brandt  Wait.  If it was that big a waste, why did you spend an extra minute watching it?  It's 2:08.  What the hell did you do for the extra 52 seconds?!
I wasted the other 52 seconds trying to figure out why anyone would put such a stupid video up. The only good part about it was the end.. Oh and Jared Carlisle put a couple more "F" bombs up you might get more laughs out of me that way... just admit it the video is a big waste of time..
+Aaron Brandt Why should I admit it was a "waste of time" when I, and clearly 105 other people, enjoyed it?  It's geeky and fun.  Perhaps you should troll on over to a place like 4chan where they care about opinions of the hateful and ignorant?
+Jared Carlisle Thank you good sir.  It's not even that zombies are fun (they are though :D), it's that A) Aaron needs to get off the 4chan and stop assuming that being a douchegoblin is appealing, and B) if he didn't like it, fine, but there's no need to keep commenting about it as if you're gonna find the whole internet brigade signing up to join your little revolution against geek things on a geek channel.
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