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The action-packed finale of Fiasco is this week's #TableTop episode, and it's up on YouTube right now! Featuring Alison Haislip, Bonnie Burton, and Jon Rogers!
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I watched the character set up and I've been waiting to see the rest since with baited breath. Such an interesting concept. Can't wait to get home to watch!
I think you should combine two of your passions and do a TableTop Beer drinking game.
I love watching the scenes come together, but man, someone HAS to film a version of this story they've created in this game :)
David H
Nice reference at the end, don't want to spoil it...
You know what.... WOW just abso fucking WOW. And I want someone, to make that into a movie because everyone needs to be able to enjoy this story that you guys made!
That was really well done. you four did such an amazing job. I don't know how but +Bonnie Burton cheated... ;) :P
Ahh, the day has arrived! I avoided watching two weeks ago because I wanted to watch the whole thing at once! 
Put Bonnie's mob scene at the very end, and I think this whole thing actually translates to watchable cinema. Now if only you guys knew like, actors and writers and stuff...
I am not sure if Marco was making a sarcastic remark about a sarcastic remark. Oh noes! Metasarcasm! 
But yes Marco, he meant the folks who played. =)
Yeah, I guess it was metasarcasm then, or I simply wasn't sure he had realized and thus tried not to expose myself too much fearing a faux pas, which you promptly detected, so I'm calling it metasarcasm XD
I shrieked several times during the episode, followed promptly by a sense of relief that I was alone in my apartment at the time.
This was, much like Bonnie's final fate, Fan-Fucking-Tastic! It even comes close to beating my favorite Fiasco that I've ever played (the playset was set in a Comic Convention and Michael Dorn ended up being a major side character), which is saying something.

Kudos to everyone for putting this together and giving us 3 awesome episodes of Fiasco! I can't wait to see you do this again sometime with a new playset and new players in the future!
Omg I so want to play this game now. Keep up the awesome episodes!
+Elias Mulhall , IMHO the haters just don't get it, too used to their 10' poles I guess, not enough experience with non-traditional, coherent indie design...
"All the scenes resolve on the blow."  I wanted someone to pick up on that accidental entendre and roll with it.

Bully Pulpit is based near me in Durham, and I go back some years with one of the co-creators, Steve Segedy.  Great guy, great company.

It was terrific to see you folks having so much fun with the game.
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