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A Supernatural Christmas Card
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Too bad that show went in the crapper after season five.
LOL... seasons 1-5 were a cohesive arc by showrunner/creator Eric Kripke. He left after season 5 and his assistant hobbled things along in season 6 and left season 7 up to someone else. Even though I have watched/suffered through 6-7, only S1-5 are the REAL Supernatural series.
They don't really look like the Winchester boys (nor Cas) but the idea is great. Also, Bobby! Yay! 
When they killed off Bobby, I stopped watching and threw out the DVD's.
what show is this?
1/2 way through series 7... don't know why I was away so long, superlative TV. 
Great pic great show. People are always gonna bitch about a good thing.
So that's what Cass is the angel of?
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