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Felicia Day's video for Project Awesome! Don't know what Project Awesome is? Watch!
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Glad to see you supporting P4A! DFTBA <3
Have a great vacation Hun in that warm tropical destination you have picked for Christmas ((so jealous)) will def go check it out!! 
Cant swim? Seriously, +Felicia Day , thats dangerous. Please try to learn to "doggyswim". With a water temperature around zero degress you are dead anyway in 10-15 minutes. So no need to become an olympic swimmer. But if you at least know that you can swim, you can spend time on saving yourself instead of wasting it on "I cant swim" screams. That wont work. Especially if you try to scream under water... So please take a course during your vacation. Its literally a lifesaver. It have saved my life a 4-5 times. 
You guys...any excuse to get Felicia in a swimsuit.
Nah she does need to learn to swim
Joking aside, she really does yes.
Swimsuit? I was thinking more of a lifejacket. And scuba mask for the eyes. Know that many never learn to swim because they use glasses or contact lenses. For lets face it: Water is scary. And if you cant see what you are doing in a scary environment? Pure nightmare fuel. Its more comfortable to put on a scuba mask than to experience how chlorine or salt feels on the backside of your contact lenses.... 
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