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Is that the voice of Diablo? Certainly sounds like it...
It is kinda funny how when Action comics were put to DVD people got angry because they thought they bought fully animated cartoons, but now that they have been put on youtube (and other websites around the net) they seem to be well received.

+William Brine Not sure, but IMDB might know.
+Adam Carr In my neck of the woods I STILL here people complaining about Motion Comics.....I don't get it!  I think they're awesome and a new innovative way to (relatively inexpensively) "animate" artwork.  I love it and think it's way cool.  But when I bring it up in certain circles (like my local comic book store) all I here are extremely negative opinions. :(
+Shannon Kidwell I think they are great. It allows me to multitask while at work and since they are relatively cheap to make we get to see some of the more obscure titles.
I wish I had a dedicated comic book store in my area, but unfortunately the only one we had closed down over 10 years ago. There are other stores that have comics, but their stock is very limited. Now, whenever I want a new comic I order from Amazon. Which reminds me there is a certain compendium 2 that I need.
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